Subscription finance is sexy

Subscription finance is sexy

Bring some love to your accounting system

Bring some love to your accounting system

  • Mirror your accounting system exactly through Zuora’s chart of accounts
  • Accelerate your close process with intuitive accounting-close summaries
  • Easily view and extract recurring-revenue entries from Zuora and log them in your general ledger
  • Integrate automatically with your existing accounting apps

Grow your Revenue Stream with Customer Centric Finance

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Go deep on subscription metrics

Go deep on subscription metrics

  • Access pre-built reports out of the box
  • Create custom reports specific to your needs with ad-hoc reporting
  • Get quick visibility into key metrics with a wide array of dashboards
  • Create configurable data extracts for external reporting and data warehousing

An Introduction to Subscription Finance

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The Modern CFO

The Evolving Role of the Modern CFO in the Subscription Economy

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