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Learn why it’s important to partner with your finance and revenue teams early, and how to introduce and experiment with value-based pricing strategies so you can launch your first recurring revenue streams.


Partnering with Finance to Successfully
Launch and Manage Subscriptions

  • MONICA NAYAR, Partner, PwC US Advisory, PwC
  • ALISA LEIBOWITZ, Director, Business Applications, PagerDuty
  • ORIANA LEMME, Director, Growth, PagerDuty
  • JENN MEEHAN, Director of Revenue Advisory, Zuora

Experimenting with Subscription Pricing and
Packaging Basics to Find and Launch Your Best Ideas

  • JOHN PINEDA, Partner and Director, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  • BOWMAN MALPASS, Senior Sales Engineer, Zuora
  • NATALIE LOUIE, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Zuora

5 Urgent Reasons to Get Started with Subscriptions Today — and How to Get Started

  • MAILIN JAPPE, Director, Special Projects Acer
  • ANDREA CONTRI, IoT Ecosystem Director, Haier Europe
  • MARIA JOHANSEN, Senior Strategist, Subscribed Strategy Group, Zuora

Pricing and Packaging Strategies Based on Data from 24.7k Subscription Companies

  • PATRICK CAMPBELL, CEO & Founder Profitwell

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Grow Beyond Your Core Business to Survive in a Competitive World

  • WOLFGANG ULAGA, Senior Affiliate Professor of Marketing, INSEAD
  • GABRIELE RATTI, Deputy General Manager, AON Advisory and Solutions S.r.l.
  • MICHAEL MANSARD, Principal Business Transformation, Zuora


Learn about subscription monetization best practices, how to avoid barriers, and leveraging competitive insights for hypergrowth.


The 6 Barriers to Scaling your Subscription Business and How to Overcome Them

  • STEPHAN LIOZU, Chief Value Officer, The Thales Group
  • ROBBIE BAXTER, President and CEO, Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)
  • AMY KONARY VP and Chair Subscribed Institute, Zuora

Including External and Internal Stakeholders to Guarantee Subscription Success

  • ALEX LEITE, Head of Worldwide 365 
Consumer Sales and Marketing, Microsoft
  • KEVIN STOLL, Senior Manager Revenue Acceleration, Accenture

A New Lever to Differentiate and Accelerate Growth

  • LISE-ANN BRENNAN, Head of Delivery – Subscriptions, The Telegraph
  • JOHAN TRIP, Subscriptions Accelerator Leader (D2C), Philips
  • OMESH SHARMA, CFO, Mindvalley
  • IMAN GHDOSI, VP & Country Manager, Zuora

How to Iterate and Pivot Your Pricing Strategy to Grow Revenue

    Managing Director Australia, Simon-Kucher & Partners
  • IMAN GHDOSI, VP & Country Manager, Zuora

Don’t Let Billing Systems Hold You Back

  • ALBERTO PIGLIA, Head of e-Mobility, ENEL X
  • ELISABETTA SACILOTTO, Sales Leader Italy, Zuora


Find out how to pivot and lead, unlock brand synergies, and discover forward-looking metrics to reveal new business opportunities.


Subscriptions in a Competitive World: How to Pivot and Lead Again

  • SHAHIN KOHAN, President, AIMS360
  • ROMIT DEY, XaaS Lead, PwC
  • AMY LY, Director of Customer Success, Zuora

Unlock Insights with Critical Subscription Metrics to Increase Retention and Lead Your Industry

  • BUCK BRODY, CFO, ConstructConnect
  • CARL GOLD, Author & Data Science Leader, Migo

How to Maximize Synergies Across your Brands and Business Units

  • MARC SUIDAN, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Philips
  • FREDRIK SCHJOLD, Director of Consumer Business Technology, Schibsted
  • JEFF ALLEN, CEO, Andelan Ventures

Redesigning "Order-to-Revenue" for Subscription Business Success

  • TIM SROCK, CFO, Mendix
  • KRISTINA SACCHET,  Project Manager Digital Business Processes Digital Health, Siemens
  • BRUCE WARNFORD-DAVIS, Senior Director Sales Engineering EMEA, Zuora

Flexible Consumption Transition Strategies for Businesses

  • BRAD ERICKSON, Director, Deloitte Australia
  • HANJOO YOON ,Head of Channels & Alliances, Zuora
  • OMID MOHAMMADI, Principal, Deloitte Australia


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