Drive Acquisition
& Retention

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Facing more competition than ever before?
You're not alone.

One-size-fits-all offers no longer work. You need to cater to
every customer’s unique needs.

What gets in your way is relying on technical teams. You need to create offers that convert, without development slowing you down. That’s why we built Zephr.

Drive conversion & retention across your customer lifecycle

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Free To Paid Conversion Journeys

Create simple sign-up, product choice pages, and payment forms tailored to each new user’s needs. Test different free trials and product configurations to discover the ideal product offering.

Upsell & Retention Experiences

Create free trial experiences for upsell and retention, trial new product features and encourage users to explore your full range of offerings. Create rules that ensure users see upsell and retention offers at the ideal time.

Data Capture & Value Exchanges

Create data capture journeys that encourage users to exchange information for additional access to your products or features. Use this first-party data to understand customer needs and create the next best offer.

Self-Service Subscription
& Payment Management

Create a customer portal for self-service management of subscriptions, upgrades, add-ons, payment methods, preferences and user details. Reduce the impact on your customer services team and let customers actively manage their offering.

Move Fast With Low Code Tools

Empower your team to test, learn and launch new offerings with agility.

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Don’t Rely On Your Tech Team

Reduce time to market with low-code tools designed for product, marketing and
growth teams.

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Design Offers & Experiences With A Low-Code Rules Builder

Use real time rating multiple times within a meter to define complex scenarios like stacked discounts or dynamic pricing
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Test, Learn, Repeat

Test your hypothesis before committing. Use A/B testing to rapidly launch new offers to a segment of the market.

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See Results Fast

In-Rule Analytics provides you with direct insight into how your offers and experiences are performing.

Plug & Play

Seamlessly integrate with your tech stack. Access to the data you need and avoiding costly, bespoke integrations.

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Scale For Your Largest Audiences

Maximize value from your largest clients and launch corporate subscriptions at the same pace as individual offerings.

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Transform insights into action for every subscriber

Leveraging first-party data is no longer just an option; it’s your most powerful asset for audience expansion and tailored experiences. Research reveals that 81% of marketers report their highest ROI when effectively using first-party data. But often data is siloed, difficult to understand, and hard to action. Click here to discover how you can harness the full potential of first-party data, and unlock a wealth of personalization and
growth opportunities.

Unify Your User Data:
Collect & Connect

Collect and connect first & third party sources.

Optimize your data strategy for a cookieless world
Craft user experiences that drive first-party data collection through a range of owned experiences. Experiment with registration flows, incremental data capture, contact forms and newsletter sign up to build a deep understanding of your customers
Understand every customer, regardless of the account size
Collect and analyze user insights for individual accounts, family plans, corporate subscriptions or a mixture of all three. With individual account profiles for every user – not just the bill payer – you can target everyone in their own unique way.
Seamless integration,
infinite possibilities
Unlock Zuora’s extensive ecosystem and connect third-party systems directly with your offers and experiences tool. Make third-party data actionable within our rules builder so you use a full-spectrum understanding of your customers wants, needs, and preferences to tailor their offers and experiences.

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