How to create personalized subscriptions using Zephr

In today’s digital landscape, the unique personalization of subscription offers is a critical component that dictates success. Truly personalized subscriptions require tailoring a subscription to a subscriber—not just the price, but the product features, the messaging, the discounting and more.

This article covers strategies to create personalized bundles, build ongoing value, and foster enduring relationships with subscribers using Zephr.

Understanding subscribers is key

Today’s subscribers want more. They want flexible, personalized subscriptions that cater to their unique definition of value. This requires a deep understanding of your customers through data. By using data-driven insights, businesses can build subscription offers tailored to each consumer’s preferences and behavior. 

This approach has been vital for companies like GM, iRobot, Chamberlain, and The New York Times, who are spearheading subscriber engagement through personalized experiences.

However, implementing such personalized offers may prove challenging without the right tools in place. This is where Zephr can help.

Zephr facilitates an enriched understanding of subscribers with a low-code rules builder designed for non-technical teams, empowering staff to create personalized offers with ease. 

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The need for flexibility and experimentation 

Businesses also need to have the flexibility to experiment and the ability to adapt strategies based on gathered data to deliver ongoing value and build long-lasting relationships with customers. 

This approach highly resonates with the modern market trend, where companies are strategically unbundling their product offerings and experimenting with pricing, packaging, and offers to monetize their platforms efficiently.

With Zephr’s no-code drag and drop rules interface, your company can effortlessly adapt and experiment with pricing. For instance, minor changes to the product display, based on device or location, can drastically enhance user experience, aiding in upsell and reducing churn. This agility enables you to quickly understand what provides value to the subscriber. 

The real game-changer, though, is the way Zephr presents more relevant and contextual offers to users based on preferences, behavior, and other useful information. Zephr can display different products to users based on their device and location, upselling or preventing churn by presenting adapted products, messaging, and discounts based on engagement.

The implications for subscription businesses in saturated markets are significant. Zephr gives businesses the ability to harness rich subscriber data, test different pricing options, and build advanced packages, setting your business apart from the competition.

Subscription monetization with dynamic offers and pricing optimization

Dynamic offers and pricing optimization can transform how your business monetizes subscription bundles. Zephr’s dynamic pricing eliminates the requirement to generate numerous rate plans, streamlining the process of testing discounts without affecting billing. 

Zephr’s analytics capabilities monitor user flow and conversion statistics, pin-pointing the effectiveness of dynamic offers in converting trials into paid subscriptions.

Overall, personalization, flexibility, and a dynamic approach to pricing are transforming how businesses build and monetize subscription bundles. It’s about understanding your customers, adapting to their needs, and optimizing offers that add value for them. Create targeted and flexible subscription offers with Zephr


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