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Discover the keys to business innovation. This virtual experience brings together Modern Business industry leaders and Zuora’s executive leadership to explore how successful organizations manage complexity as they scale for growth. Get a sneak peek at exclusive new product demos and tech innovations that will take your business to the next level.

Embracing Modern Business

Keynote presented by Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo
A truly modern business is both customer-centric and future-proof, but subscribing to modern business is only half the battle. You also need the right business model, the right organizational structures, and most importantly, the right technology.
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Future proof your business with new products and innovations

The right technology is what enables you to move fast, adapt, and become a Modern Business. Zuora product managers introduce the latest solutions and demo exciting new innovations that will help you monetize anything and become more customer-centric.

Stay customer-centric with consumption pricing

Support consumption, subscription, one-time pricing, issue-based billing, milestone billing, and more right out of the box with Zuora for Consumption.
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Experience the world’s first subscriber-led growth engine

Create personalized experiences for every customer and deliver powerful subscription relationships for life with Zephr.
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Use our new data warehouse or BYOW

Access to the right data is critical to powering a Modern Business. Unlock a treasure trove of data with Zuora Data Warehouse or bring your own data warehouse (BYOW) integration.
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Get in the fast lane with AI-powered monitoring and management

Zuora Command Center is a one-stop shop for admins to monitor activity, manage users and deployments, and access all Zuora resources.
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Our customers say it best

The world’s best companies across every major industry use Zuora to nurture and monetize subscriber relationships. But don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say.

The New York Times: Creating the essential subscription

Using subscriber activity analysis, The New York Times prioritizes the product features that drive the most engagement and retention. More flexibility in product funnel connections, make it easier to present subscribers with targeted offers, fueling multi-product bundle growth.
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Entrust and Marketwise: Choosing the right tech

With the rise of subscription-based and consumption-based pricing, CIOs and CTOs need a modern billing and revenue system. Legacy systems were not built with the subscriber in mind. The right technology powers faster data analysis, reduces risk and accelerates deployments.
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eMoney Advisor: Elevating the client-advisor relationship

Creating a nimble digital experience for clients requires scalable tech and platform capabilities, plus insights into customer lifetime value and customer needs. For eMoney’s diverse userbase of financial professionals, Zuora is a catalyst for embracing change and delivering better client experiences.
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Customers and partner panel

Moderated by Andy Main, Founder of Deloitte Digital, Former CEO Ogilvy

Our customers are the accelerators of change and our partners help make it happen. Hear from experts in IT and product leaders who represent companies of all shapes and sizes, and share a passion for action, a focus on the future and a dedication to a customer-first approach.

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Modern Business Works: A roadmap to successfully achieve transformation

To begin the transformation journey, businesses need a proven approach that can be used to assess existing modern business offerings or recalibrate strategies for the next wave of change. We call this roadmap Modern Business Works.


Consumption Based Pricing

Aligning your pricing to the value your customers get from your product or service has never been more critical. Learn how to implement a consumption based pricing strategy that provides flexibility for your business and customers.


Use subscriber intelligence to deliver seamless customer experiences

Retaining subscribers is more important than ever in today’s economy. Data is key to providing a seamless customer experience. You need to be able to turn data into actionable subscriber intelligence that informs customer experiences.

Your journey starts here

As your customers change how they want to access your products and services, you have to evolve how you do business. Learn more about how our leading Subscription Economy® solutions have helped many of the world’s most innovative subscription businesses succeed.

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