Subscribed Live

Ciel Studios   |   Berkeley, CA   |   June 26th   |   8:00 am PST

We subscribe to modern business.

Subscribed Live is a hybrid event that brings together a community of leaders and visionaries to discuss the future of modern business and monetization.

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Why attend Subscribed Live 2024?

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Subscribed Live draws a diverse cross-industry group of individuals who subscribe to doing business in a way that is both customer-centric and future-proof.

This year, Subscribed Live will navigate the complexities of an always-evolving market landscape and changing consumer expectations.

Through keynote speeches delivered by industry experts and interactive sessions, attendees will explore, learn, and exchange insights with their peers. Focusing on customer relationships and diverse monetization models, attendees will leave with the strategies, knowledge, and tools to create recurring growth through an approach we call Total Monetization.

Speaker Lineup

Tien Tzuo
CEO & Founder


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Michelle K. Lee
Founder and CEO
Obsidian Strategies, Inc.
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Abhisht Arora
Chief Strategy Officer
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Katie Healon
Sr Director of Pay Processes
24 Hour Fitness
A headshot of Ramya Raj
Ramya Raj

VP & Global Head of Go-to-Customer Solutions

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Vina McAllister
VP Product Management
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Shah Choudhury
Senior Manager, Product & Pricing Strategy
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Brian Russell
Vice President, Pricing
Mainsail Partners
Amy Konary
Founder & Senior VP of The Subscribed Institute
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Aaron Kerzner

VP, Customer Innovation

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Natalie Kalas
Head of Customer Solutions
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Evan King
Process Lead, Quote-to-Cash
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Felix Danczak
Global Head of Marketing
JJ Xia
VP of Product Marketing
Headshot of David Warren
David Warren
Principal Director, Subscribed Institute
A woman with long dark hair wearing a white shirt is smiling at the camera in a black and white portrait.
Katherine Shealy
Product Marketing Manager
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Michael Belkin
Director, Private Equity Partnerships & Global Alliances
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Jonathan Brown
Head of Market & Customer Intelligence
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Chris Ho
VP/GM, Billing, Consumption, and Payments


Check back as our new speakers are confirmed.

Learn strategies to create recurring growth

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We all feel it. Modern business requires a different approach to monetization (the way we create value for our customers, go to market, and generate revenue). This event will deep dive into:

Achieving staying power

In a competitive market, the secret to longevity is figuring out how to turn your recurring relationships and recurring revenue into recurring growth.

Embracing Total Monetization

We believe recurring growth is best created through Total Monetization, a strategy to align and evolve monetization with demand. Learn how to adopt this strategy and who is doing it well.

Launching a dynamic mix of models

It’s no longer a question of subscriptions, consumption, OR one-time transactions. See how the most successful companies employ and experiment with a combination of all three.

Monetizing AI for profitability

As companies race to develop and launch AI offers, many are missing the opportunity to align their pricing with the unique value of the technology. Learn how the winners in this space are overcoming the hurdles of operational costs and lower profit margins with proven, flexible monetization strategies.

Hear from leaders in the Subscription Economy®

Tien Tzuo
CEO & Founder
Amy Konary
Founder & Senior VP of The Subscribed Institute
Robbie Traube
President & Chief Revenue Officer
John Phillips
SVP Sales & GM Europe, Middle East and Africa
Nicky O’Callaghan
VP Partners and Alliances for EMEA
Mark Carpenter
Director, Strategic Alliances
Todd McElhatton
Moshe Sarusi
Director of Finance Operations and Global Billing
Enrico Cosio
Senior Partner
Deloitte Digital
Andy Main
Founder of Deloitte Digital, Former CEO
Mike Mayer
Corporate Vice President, Solution & Value Consulting
James Henderson
CEO & Founder Zephr, GM Subscribed Experience
Michael Mansard
Principal Director of Subscription Strategy
Lise-Ann Brennan
Director of Technology – Subscriptions
The Telegraph
James Towle
Director, New Business Models
Jaguar Land Rover
Daniel Gainza
Chief Operating Officer – Tyre as a Service
Stefan Lassak
Manager, PMO Finance
Celonis Inc
Laurent Deloison
Global Program Director Boost
Mobilize Financial Services
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Experience Ceil Studios in Berkeley

Zuora will take over the Bay Area’s premiere multi-studio venue – and the newest Soho House location – Ciel Studios. This creative sanctuary will be the backdrop for two days of inspiration and community building. If you’d like to attend in person, you will have the chance to sign up during the registration process.

Or tune-in remotely

All Subscribed Live registrants will be opted-in to the live event broadcast taking place on June 26th. The virtual experience will give you the opportunity to connect and chat with 1000’s of other leaders, as well as gain first access to the on-demand event content. Our virtual audience can tune in to the mainstage keynote from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PST. All other sessions will not be broadcast live.

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Agenda at a Glance

8:00 AM – Doors Open & Registration

9:00 AM – Mainstage Keynotes

12:00 PM – Networking Lunch

1:00 PM – Breakout Sessions

4:00 PM – Networking Reception

Overview of Sessions


Evolving with Demand: Modern Business and Total Monetization

Keynote presented by Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo
View Details
Mainstage Keynote

The Art of the Possible and Practical with AI: 7 Lessons for Successful Implementation

Keynote presented by Michelle K. Lee
View Details
Mainstage Keynote

Monetizing Through Usage-Based (Consumption) Pricing

Presented by Katherine Shealy, Product Marketing Manager at Zuora
View Details
Power Lunch

Leaders at the Forefront of Tech and Innovation

Moderated by Natalie Kalas, Head of Customer Solutions at Zuora
View Details
Breakout Session

Recurring Growth: Building and Using Proprietary Customer Data to Drive Success

View Details
Breakout Session

The AI Advantage: How to Use AI To Drive Acquisition & Retention

View Details
Breakout Session

Streamlining Payment Success: Strategies to Lower Costs and Reduce Friction

Moderated by Chris Ho – VP/GM, Billing, Consumption, and Payments at Zuora

View Details
Breakout Session

The GenAI Revolution and the Quest for Sustainable Monetization

Moderated by JJ Xia, VP of Product Marketing at Zuora

In this session, we will be joined by Ramya Raj, VP & Global Head of Go-to-Customer Solutions at Genesys

View Details
Breakout Session

The Ugly Truth About SaaS Pricing: Lessons Learned and Common Mistakes

Moderated by Jonathan Brown, Head of Market & Customer Intelligence at Zuora

In this session, we will be joined by:

  • Shah Choudhury, Senior Manager of Product & Pricing Strategy at Salesforce
  • Brian Russell, Vice President of Pricing at Mainsail Partners
  • Evan Scott King, Process Lead, Quote-to-Cash at Zuora
View Details
Breakout Session

The Journey to Exit Readiness

View Details
Breakout Session

Zuora’s Subscribed Institute Exchange

Moderated by:

  • Jonathan Brown, Head of Market & Customer Intelligence at Zuora
  • David Warren, Principal Director, Subscribed Institute at Zuora
View Details
Breakout Session

Zuora Customer Roundtable

Moderated by Zuora’s Solution Architects

View Details
Two individuals engaged in a cheerful conversation at a Zuora Subscribed Live event, with one woman smiling broadly.

More to come on detailed agenda.

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