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The CFO Survey

Market Trends, Operational Benchmarks, and Business Transformation

Zuora surveyed leading CFOs and you've got to see the results!

Over 100+ CFOs were surveyed to identify market trends, operational benchmarks, and how they are transforming businesses.

Recurring revenue and growth have become a focus for all modern businesses.

In this Survey, you will find exclusive results on:

  • Pipeline: How to drive your pipe and what your funnel looks like.
  • Acquire: What your selling approach is and how you organize your sales team.
  • Deploy: When your subscription starts and what KPIs should you hold your team accountable to.
  • Run: How committed your customers are and who owns the renewals for your company.
  • Expand: Which team owns your upsells and what strategies can be leveraged as upsell strategies.

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