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Streamline Revenue Accounting in a Rapidly Evolving and Complex Market

Zuora + PwC

The speed at which companies’ business models are changing is happening faster than ever. Companies evolve, acquire others, and diversify business lines, which introduces enormous complexity. Management of revenue accounting in a rapidly changing and complex market is a challenge for even the most seasoned financial organization.

But what is the impact of that complexity on other teams in your organization? Revenue Operations (Rev Ops) experiences difficulties recognizing recurring and non-recurring revenue. Your Business Applications (IT) department has sleepless nights when you integrate a new system again. And, not to forget, the Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) and Sales Operations (Sales Ops) teams are often in a crunch mode since they cannot correctly forecast revenue. 

Zuora Revenue provides significant value -- while at the same time limiting the amount of user involvement - (e.g. enabling companies to close faster, generate insightful reporting, scale and mitigate risk). 

This session will examine how using a robust revenue automation solution that continuously recognizes recurring and non-recurring revenue parallel with your ERP’s order and billing processes benefits every team in your organization:

  • Revenue Operations (Rev Ops) 
  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
  • Business Applications - (IT)  


Don Sobzack

Principal, Assurance Enterprise System Solutions


Josh Dalton

Director Digital Risk Solutions


Vaibhav Mahajan

Director Digital Risk Solutions


Petra Ligthart

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Laz Pastrikos

Director, Revenue Advisory


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