Media Retention Strategies from The Guardian

13 Best Practices for Customer Engagement and Churn Reduction

“Despite the pressures that coronavirus has placed on our business, our unique reader relationship model has proved successful, and the strategy of the past few years has been the right one.” - The Guardian editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner, & the Guardian Media Group chief executive, Annette Thomas

Amidst falling ad revenue exacerbated by the economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Guardian is committed to concentrating on their digital growth and focusing on a reader revenue model.

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  • The Guardian’s best practices for finding the right relationship with every reader to maximize digital growth and minimize churn
  • Active churn: How to aggregate essential reader data to better manage relationships
  • Inactive churn: A robust framework and strategy to manage evolving payment methods
  • Interventions and proposition swapping for better product fit
  • The impact of smart discounting, extended payment failure periods, and a holistic cross-channel journey

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