Beyond Demographics: Subscriber Segmentation Done Right

Subscription companies have seen unparalleled growth in recent years. Established brands enjoyed customer base expansion by nearly a third in 2021, and dozens of startups have carved out significant market space in years since. However, as companies begin rounding the corner into 2024, market saturation and economic uncertainty are pressing both new and veteran subscription […]

The Power of User Experience: 5 Proven Ways to Stand Out to Subscribers

Photo of someone touching their phone

Over the past decade, the subscription economy has grown 435% and demonstrated expansion rates up to eight times faster than traditional business models. The industry may soon tip the scale into a trillion-dollar market. While this sector saturation is promising for profits, it also poses a significant problem for the very consumers driving such demand […]

INMA World Congress Subscriptions Workshop

On Wednesday, May 24, James Henderson, VP GTM Subscriber Experience and Former CEO, Zephr, shared invaluable insights on implementing a super retainer strategy to thrive even in the toughest economic climates.