Report - Zuora

The End of Ownership

Results from an international survey of twelve countries on changing consumer preferences in the Subscription Economy

More services. Less stuff. We’ve officially entered a new commercial era: “the end of ownership.”

To explore this trend, The Harris Poll (on behalf of Zuora) conducted the first international survey of 13,459 adults, across 12 countries.

And, as the results make clear, this new consumer trend of favoring “access over ownership” is having a huge impact on vast sectors of the global economy.

Businesses across all industries are reaping the rewards as they shift to pay-as-you-go subscription models.

In fact, companies across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific have seen subscription-based sales grow 300+% over the past 7 years!

Check out the full survey results to find out how this purchasing behavior is playing out globally -- and the implications for your business.

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