Webinar | ondemand

How to Monetize Anything as A Service

With subscriptions becoming the core monetization model for businesses worldwide, companies have started launching hybrid offerings that bundle their services with not only usage components, but also physical goods and other one-time purchases. Subscription companies now want to monetize the best of their physical products, digital subscriptions, and professional services together. This shift can be found in every industry, whether it's a technology company selling teleconference hardware to supplement its software service, a manufacturer introducing telemetry services tied to its industrial equipment, or a media company offering live event passes on top of its digital streaming service.

Learn how Zuora’s newest unified monetization capabilities enables companies with mixed business models to harmonise this monetisation process for their products, subscriptions, and services across multiple platforms.

In this virtual event, VP of Product, Kyle Kolich will show how companies can:

  • Monetize anything as a service: Bundle the best of your subscriptions, physical products, and professional services together on a single platform
  • Harmonise processes across multiple platforms: Deliver one unified order, invoice & payment experience, and maintain a single source of truth for all subscriber data
  • Get more value out of your existing investments: Simplify your front-end commerce integrations and back-end GL integrations instead of ripping and replacing existing systems

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