Driving Customer Value Creation in the Subscription Economy

What do companies like Amazon, Google, Netflix, AT&T, and Tesla all have in common? Other than being some of the most innovative companies on the planet, they all give things away for free. You read that right – free.

While these “free” benefits lead to a wonderful customer experience, they are in fact based on the all-important subscription business metric – Customer Lifetime Value or LTV.

Download this eBook for an in-depth explanation of LTV that will help you execute your subscription business with optimal customer value creation in mind.  You’ll learn:

  • How Amazon Prime’s “unlimited access” service has an underlying business logic grounded in LTV behind it.
  • What goes into LTV and the key concepts that go into a reliable LTV calculation.
  • The one precise LTV formula that Zuora recommends above all others for calculating LTV.
  • How Zuora helps can help you calculate and maintain LTV stats for your subscribers and key subscriber segments.

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