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By Business Need

RevPro features an innovative rules-based engine which can be configured to your unique policies and rules no matter what business you’re in.

Revenue Recognition

RevPro is the leading revenue recognition and forecasting solution, with a proven track record of more than $250 billion in revenue under management. RevPro’s rules-based engine automates even the most complex revenue processes to produce consistent and accurate revenue data quickly and easily.

It integrates with any ERP – or works as a stand-alone solution – and is deployed on-cloud, allowing it to grow and change with your business. And, in an industry guided by ever-evolving standards, it’s reassuring to know RevPro complies with current and future global revenue recognition standards..

Analytics & Reporting

RevPro offers customers configurable options for dual revenue books and current and future revenue guidance. By enabling RevPro for both, customers can compare contracts and run reports under each set of books.

Our reporting options include deferred revenue roll-forward report under current guidance and contract liability/contract asset reports under new guidance. Waterfall reports provide customers with options to run revenue schedules for actuals and forecasts.


With RevPro, companies can be confident that the numbers they are producing and flowing to their revenue accounts are accurate and that revenue is being calculated according to the strictest GAAP and IFRS standards.

This makes the audit process easier, smoother, and shorter, and allows company executives to sleep peacefully at night, knowing they are fully in compliance.

By Industry

Revenue recognition is important in every industry, but in some industries the revenue recognition rules and make-up of the products and services offered require more complex revenue analyses than others. While our customers operate in a wide range of industries, we have significant concentrations of customers in technology, hardware, software, biotechnology, telecommunications, healthcare, and finance industries.


Companies selling software or hardware are often selling both, or including other elements like support, professional services, and warranties. These, and other multiple-element arrangements, are exactly what RevPro was built to handle. In addition, RevPro can work well for companies with specific SaaS requirements or who want features like robust reporting and pricing analytics.


Telecom companies are dealing with tremendous volume of transactions on a daily basis, as well as product and service offerings that are becoming increasingly complex. RevPro handles all of that with ease, replacing worry with confidence that contracts, contract modifications, and performance obligations are being correctly managed.


Transportation companies will need to adapt to the principle-based model in numerous areas including loyalty programs, passenger ticket breakage, and other ancillary services. The new guidance will alter the way incentives are calculated by OEMs and how long-term supply contracts are viewed.

Social Media

Companies in this sector combine both the needs of global media and technology corporations and, as such, require the dexterity of RevPro to respond to demanding revenue-related accounting requirements both internal and external with the speed necessary in an industry requiring everything done yesterday.


The healthcare/biotech industry is full of companies whose order-to-cash footprint is constantly evolving. RevPro handles even the most complex footprints and revenue processes with ease, up to and including the most complex product offerings.


Online subscription businesses are hot right now and entrepreneurs who are starting them are often not aware of all the financial implications. RevPro can handle any type of subscription model, contract modifications, timing of revenue, etc.

Life Sciences

Companies in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, and food processing, require a revenue solution agile enough to handle potentially complex deal structures as well as possibility of mergers, acquisitions or strategic partnerships emblematic of this industry. RevPro allows for ease of handling the collaborative arrangements of companies in this sector.

What’s Your Industry?

By Business Size

RevPro can help businesses of all sizes get a handle on their revenue cycle.


Public companies with over $1B in annual revenue and an international footprint have specific needs RevPro can handle well. Companies of this size are often involved in M&A activity and need to be able to handle the diverse and complex requirements of global revenue recognition standards.

RevPro can not only manage any standard, but show company accountants reports that compare the results of the various forms of accounting treatment, leading to better decision making.

Enterprise firms deal with high levels of complexity in their order-to-cash footprint, and are usually struggling to manage multiple ERP, order management, and billing systems. Highly complex product/service portfolios add to the challenges, all of which can be safely managed within RevPro.


Public or private companies with between $250M and $1B in annual revenue become more involved in M&A activity and need to be able to handle revenue recognition needs of complex and evolving product offerings. Often, these companies are still managing revenue recognition entirely through spreadsheets, which can lead to devastating errors and financial misstatements.

RevPro allows for more efficient period-end closes as well as simplified preparation for and execution of financial audits, saving both time and money. RevPro’s cloud deployment gives mid-market companies the security and audit certifications demanded, while providing robust reporting and dashboard capabilities which allow business leaders to make better financial decisions.

Emerging Markets

In the sub-$250M annual revenue segment, RevPro allows companies with smaller finance teams – nearly all of which are reliant on spreadsheets – to rapidly deploy a revenue recognition solution with limited IT involvement, through on-cloud deployment.

Companies in the emerging market space receive the same high level of security, audit readiness, and functional capabilities enjoyed by the largest companies using RevPro.

With support for both current and new guidance, a robust feature set, flexible reporting capabilities, and a competitive price-point, RevPro stands ready to handle any level of complexity or transaction volume.

By Role

Wondering how RevPro can make your life easier?

Revenue Manager/Director

You are in the trenches daily working through revenue issues, and you understand both the labor-intensive nature and risks associated with your current spreadsheet process. How much easier would your life be if you had a tool that was your single source of truth?

RevPro gives you a solution to simplify the entire process with real-time visibility throughout the month. Not only that, but RevPro also minimizes errors, decreases risk of misstatement, and shortens your close process.

RevPro was designed by revenue experts, just like you, who know what it takes to create and manage a robust revenue recognition automation solution that takes advantage of technology to make your work – and life – easier.

IT Professional

Tasked to support significant financial systems, you are fully aware of the need for ancillary systems to “play well” with your ERP and other systems. RevPro is basically a sub-ledger to your accounting system. All financial data flows into it to be analyzed by your revenue accountants.

What you will see is internal clients now happy with the revenue data they’re able to generate in addition to the time and money savings realized. You can rest assured that once RevPro is configured to your business rules, it operates seamlessly within your quote-to-cash system.

We realized the importance of this function. For that reason, RevPro is supported 24/7 with someone always available for any issues or questions. The time and resource exposure for the IT department is as minimal as it can get.


We live in a world with new technology solutions appearing daily for tomorrow’s business problems.

When it comes to revenue recognition automation, it pays to look a little closer because the top line of your financial statement is no place to take chances. Given the upcoming changes to GAAP and IFRS revenue recognition guidance, the entire RevRec process just got a lot more complex.

RevPro is built by revenue experts to solve those very problems. Top-tier companies using RevPro realize many benefits to automating their processes. Struggling with compliance with the latest accounting standards? Looking to save time and money on manual revenue recognition, longer close periods, and longer audits? Be the leader who sends savings directly to the bottom line.


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