Manage Recurring Revenue

Recognize revenue in Zuora and stay aligned with your accounting system

Recognize recurring revenue and automate revenue distribution

Recognizing recurring revenue gets complex. In Zuora, revenue is automatically distributed and re-distributed whenever a subscription changes. That's right, no more spreadsheets. It takes 3 simple steps:

1. Design a set of rules for how you want to recognize revenue.

2. Assign a recognition rule to every charge in your offerings.

3. Let Zuora do the work for you and watch revenue get automatically distributed.

Stay consistent with your accounting applications and speed up the monthly close process

Setup Zuora to stay aligned with your other financial and accounting applications. Create a chart of accounts and accounting periods that mirror your accounting system. From there, take advantage of Zuora’s accounting close summary reports to accelerate your close process.

Optimize your recurring revenue

Summary Level Integration

Create journal entries with GL segmentation rules in Zuora. Slice-and-dice your data along the metrics you care about most. From there, you can easily extract summary-level journal entries and enter them into your General Ledger.

Transaction Level Integration

Use one of our pre-built connectors or extract detailed data exports from Zuora to send every transaction from Zuora into your accounting system.