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Build What Your Subscribers Value Most And Innovate Constantly

Knowing how your most valued customers are using your product helps you bring direct value to your subscribers. Discover who your champions are, understand how they’re using your product, and drive adoption in your less engaged customers.

ID Your Power Users

Machine learning algorithms assign customer personas based on metrics and usage patterns

Know Your Top Performing Features

Every user’s actions are tracked and allocated a percentage of an overall product usage total

Trend Usage Patterns Over Time

Blend click paths with Subscription milestones to understand how to get the most out of your product investment

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Be The First To Market And Automate The Rest

Pricing and packaging is your core competitive weapon. Easily AB test your pricing strategies with an unlimited combination of charge models all in a single UI. With flexible pricing comes complex downstream impacts to your finance teams. Automate your billing, payments and revenue recognition processes so you can focus on innovation.

First To Market
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Launch your products on any channel
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Automate your accounting operations
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Easily recognize revenue on any product

See Your Product Line In A Whole New Light

Zuora is the only solution that uniquely combines your financial, demographic and behavioral data to not only give you the KPI’s you need right out of the box but also allow you to drill into the underlying customer behaviors driving those metrics.

  • Measure adoption rate of new features
  • Identify opportunities for new product developments
  • Prioritize product investments based on your customer’s most valued capabilities
  • Uncover upsell and cross-upsell opportunities
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"We rely on our partnership with Zuora to help us provide exceptional service to our customers."

– Chris Brookins, VP Engineering and Product Management

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Unlock resources from the leading experts

We coined the term “Subscription Economy®” and continue to be a leader in the industry. But don’t take it from us. Learn from our experts, customers, and partners.

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Dynamically nurture customers through every journey.

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The freedom to build with Zuora’s technologies.

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Learn how to grow your business in the era of subscriptions.

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As your customers change how they want to access your products and services, you have to evolve how you do business. Learn more about how our leading Subscription Economy® solutions have helped many of the world’s most innovative subscription businesses succeed.

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