“If you’re launching a product in the Cloud that needs subscription billing, talk to Zuora.” — Chris Brookins, VP Engineering and Product Management

Software and technology
The Customer

Acquia enables hundreds of thousands of companies to manage content, communities, and commerce on a Drupal platform.

The Challenge

They grew rapidly after launching Drupal Gardens, but their billing solution couldn’t handle the increased transaction volume.

The Solution

Acquia selected Zuora to manage their entire billing process.

The Benefits

Zuora handles all of Acquia’s billing and payment processing, allowing their engineering team to focus on perfecting their products.

“We rely on our partnership with Zuora to help us provide exceptional service to our customers.” — Chris Brookins, VP Engineering and Product Management

Acquia uses Zuora to automate their extremely large volume of credit card transactions, allowing their engineering team to focus on building a killer product, not a billing system.

Initially, Acquia’s engineers built their own billing solution to process payments. However, as their product suite and customer base grew, their subscription model rapidly evolved into multiple revenue streams. It was a level of volume and complexity they just weren’t equipped to handle.

To keep up with the rapid growth they were experiencing, Aquia needed a system that could do three things. It had to automate their backend processes of adding and managing users. They needed to provide the flexibility to price and package for different features or versions. And they had to offer monthly and annual billing with dynamic discounting. It was a tall order for an engineering team hired to build beautiful digital experiences.

Acquia chose to focus their resources on core product development instead of expanding their current billing system. So they turned to Zuora.

Brookins enthused, “The Zuora billing platform has met our business goals, delivering the agility we need and the uptime our customers demand.” In fact, shortly after Aquia integrated Zuora’s Z-Business platform, they opted to extend the implementation across their entire subscription revenue business. Today, Zuora powers all of Acquia’s credit card–based commerce.

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