“Without a system like Zuora, I knew that we wouldn’t be able to scale.” — Lisa Bailey, VP Business Operations

Software and technology
The Customer

InsideView creates software that makes it easy for sales and marketing teams to engage prospects and win deals.

The Challenge

They needed a commerce platform that would give customers control over the features they pay for.

The Solution

Zuora brought it home. Our solution integrated their commerce, billing and finance—and gave them a clear view of the subscriber identity.

The Benefits

19,000 companies rely on InsideView today.

“If we didn’t have Zuora, we would not be able to offer a self‐service product line.” — Lisa Bailey, VP Business Operations

Zuora brought InsideView’s SaaS commerce and billing operations together in one unified, pain-free package.

InsideView is a SaaS company that gives users insider sales intelligence. They aggregate target-market intel, up-to-date contacts, and real-time alerts through public, editorial, and social media content. Founded in 2005, InsideView is essential for many sales organizations as they build client lists.

InsideView sells by the seat, so customers can increase seats, decrease seats, request a better seat price, or longer-term agreements. All of those adjustments require a flexible, scalable billing platform. Over the last few years, InsideView grew at a great pace but found that its in-house billing system couldn’t accommodate the rapid changes the business was encountering. “In the early days of InsideView, we were using Quick Books and basically Excel spreadsheets to manage our business. It’s just not natural for a traditional accounting system to be able to manage subscriptions,” explained Lisa Bailey, Inside View’s VP of Business Operations.

Essential data—and renewals—were falling through the cracks. InsideView was leaving money on the table.

And then they found Zuora. We help InsideView develop inventive pricing strategies. With Zuora, it’s actually quite easy to add new products, to make pricing adjustments, and to run experiments in Zuora’s system. As Bailey explains, “If Marketing comes to me and says, ‘We want to implement a new product, and it’s going to be this new price point—how long is it going to take?’ I can say, ‘No time at all,’ because it’s very easy to make pricing changes.”

Zuora has also helped InsideView master visibility. “With Zuora, we’re able to connect to Salesforce, so that everyone in the organization who has a Salesforce license can see what’s been invoiced, what’s been paid, what’s the subscription situation,” Bailey says. “We’re able to have that visibility, which is key to the organization just to know what’s going on.”

Bailey and her team are thrilled that Zuora was built from scratch for subscription management and for SaaS businesses. The simplicity and visibility makes new pricing strategies not only effective but effortless, too.

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