Zuora Central Functions as Essential System for SendGrid’s Growth to Public Company

February 28, 2018

San Mateo, Calif. –  February 28, 2018 Zuora, Inc. the leading provider of cloud-based software used to launch, manage and transform a company’s subscription business, today announced that its customer SendGrid scaled from a startup to a public software company, adopting the Zuora® Central platform in 2010 to support its business growth.

SendGrid, a leading digital communication platform, needed an infrastructure to scale with its high customer demand and growing transaction volume. To do so, the company implemented the Zuora platform eight years ago and has since grown to serve more than 63,000 customers. Now at the size and scale of a public company, the SendGrid management team relies on the speed at which Zuora delivers subscription metrics to make informed business decisions.

SendGrid’s use of Zuora helped the company support its business goals of:


  • Public Market Readiness: With a single-source-of-truth to track all revenue-related transactions, Zuora provides SendGrid with the ability to access revenue and customer data in real-time on the first of every month and make immediate decisions critical to business strategy and growth.  
  • Operational Efficiency: With Zuora, SendGrid was able to produce revenue numbers on a one-day close cycle.
  • New Customer Acquisition: Zuora solved the usage-based billing and reporting complexity of SendGrid’s services portfolio for two types of buyers: developers and marketers. Running on Zuora, SendGrid can handle new discounts, change pricing tiers, and experiment with new pricing models.


SendGrid CFO/COO Yancey Spruill said, “With Zuora we have access to the data we need to answer critical questions, from how to scale our sales and marketing investment, to how to understand our profitability per customer. Zuora’s platform has enabled us to make better business decisions, faster.”

SendGrid enables businesses to engage with their customers via email reliably, effectively, and at scale. The timely and accurate information that the company draws from its financial reporting systems has helped the company continue to grow. “Subscription growth is just something that can’t be handled by anything but a highly automated and scalable platform like Zuora,” continued Spruill.

“To survive in today’s world, you need to grow fast as a software company. At Zuora, we’re proud to accelerate revenue at scale for SaaS companies like SendGrid as they continue to provide value to their customers,” said Tom Krackeler, SVP of Product at Zuora.

Zuora Central is the foundation of SendGrid’s cloud-based subscription model, offering subscription management for its usage-based pricing (generally priced on a monthly basis by email volume). The Subscription Economy IndexTM found that subscription-based businesses like SendGrid’s, which employed usage-based billing in their revenue mix, grew more than twice as fast on average as those that didn’t. The SEI also showed that companies that employ usage-based billing have lower churn rates than those that do not, at all levels of usage-based revenue mix.

To adapt these lessons of growth for your own company, download Zuora’s guide “10 Growth Strategies for SaaS” and whitepaper on “The Three SaaS Metrics that Matter.” You can also read the SendGrid case study here.


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