Today’s imperative for every SaaS company

To survive in today’s world you need to grow, fast

It’s no secret that growth rate is one of the most decisive indicators of success for a SaaS company. According to a recent McKinsey study “Grow Fast or Die Slow,” growth yields greater returns and matters more than margins or cost structure. It’s also really hard to sustain. But it’s critical. In fact:

“If a software company grows
less than 20% annually, there is
a 92% chance of failure.”


– Mckinsey & Company 2014

If you’re a SaaS business, there are 10 ways to do this

Employing these 10 essential growth strategies is what allows successful SaaS companies to sustain a 20%+ growth rate year over year, year after year.


What’s your growth strategy?

The most successful SaaS companies are able to sustain a 20%+ growth rate year over year by adopting these 10 essential core growth strategies.

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