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15 years ago, Zuora was born out of a vision that we could introduce the world to new ways of doing business by helping companies shift from one-time, individual product sales, to delivering people-centric services and experiences through recurring revenue business models. We called this shift, the Subscription Economy®.

Originally considered to be our “moonshot,” the Subscription Economy has now evolved into an industrial phenomenon that is projected to hit $1.5 Trillion by 2025, and it’s continuing to grow. While the early days of this shift saw plenty of companies introduce new subscription pricing models, our true vision for the Subscription Economy was always about the shift from product-centric to customer-centric businesses that focus on direct digital relationships, through any business model. And today, innovative companies are recognizing the importance of putting these direct digital relationships at the center of their businesses. As a result, the Subscription Economy has evolved to include more services, industries, global regions, and complex revenue models that leverage multiple forms of monetization. Companies that were once launching their first subscription offering, are now on their second, third, or fifth recurring revenue model. New complexities have emerged including dynamic offerings, customer retention, consumption-based pricing, international payment and revenue accounting requirements, along with the need for new skills and emerging job functions. Customers like GoPro and Ford are hiring new VPs and executives with ‘subscriptions,’ ‘payments,’ and ‘revenue’ in their titles. The Subscription Economy has grown beyond the initial focus of recurring revenue business models, and now includes emerging technologies, new business practices, and talent with subscription-based experience.

From Subscription Management to Monetization

The growth and maturity of this market has also catalyzed the evolution and momentum of Zuora and our customers. As our teams have continued to grow, and our platform has continued to scale with enterprise customers and partners from many different industries, our capabilities have expanded to power many different types of business models, with integrations built to support a wide range of tech ecosystems.

We have more than 1,000 customers, including 26 of the Fortune 100 like Caterpillar, General Motors, Siemens and Zoom who use our products to monetize beyond subscription pricing models. Our alliances and partner ecosystem extend across the world’s top consulting firms like Deloitte, EY, PwC, Accenture, and more, and our technologies connect with some of the leading enterprise SaaS providers including Microsoft, IBM, Snowflake, Adobe, and more. We have extended our offering beyond Zuora Billing, and today we have a multi-product portfolio including Zuora Revenue, Zuora Collect, and Zuora Central Platform. We’re also especially excited to welcome leading subscription experience platform, Zephr, to the Zuora family.

The tremendous growth and momentum that we’ve experienced over the years, combined with the increasing complexities of enterprise monetization, have provided the perfect opportunity for us to evolve our brand, positioning, and value proposition.

Our journey has led us to evolve from being known as subscription management to now, complete monetization. With our unparalleled industry expertise, our global partner ecosystem, and an end-to-end monetization capabilities, Zuora strives to help the world’s most innovative companies nurture and monetize relationships through business models that are better for people, better for businesses, and ultimately better for the planet.

Unlocking our Transformation through Brand Identity

With such meaningful change also comes our refreshed brand identity that delivers a new, modern experience for our audiences.

Starting with our new Zuora icon, our new mark represents the recurring nature of the dynamic relationships between businesses and their customers–over time. With winding turns that combine to form the letter “Z,” we’ve created a symbol that embodies the idea of an infinite relationship.

Our brand transformation journey was not meant to change who we are, but amplify it through a vibrant color palette that leverages accessibility practices to provide a more inclusive experience for all. Anchored on our historically core color Teal, we have also introduced a wider range of contrasting colors to help promote the vibrant and bold spirit of Zuora and our employees (who we call ZEOs), while keeping in mind usability and adaptability for a wider range of applications. Our new color palette also leverages the broader range of vibrant colors juxtaposed with bold backgrounds to promote greater contrast and visibility in Zuora experiences.

As for photography, we put people first in everything we do, and strive to ensure that we highlight the relationships and connections that we value with people, by promoting usage of imagery and subjects that connect with a wide range of people from around the world.

Just the Beginning

As we’ve evolved as a business alongside an evolving economy, Zuora’s brand will continue to shift across various touch points within our business, at events, on our website, social media channels, paid media, and with our employees, community, and more.

People come to Zuora to discover and unlock new ways of doing business and ultimately, to nurture and monetize relationships. Evolving our brand is one of many steps in nurturing our own relationships– with our customers, our communities, and within our internal teams of ZEOs. Brand transformation is a journey, and we designed an identity that we intend to continue to see evolve as the community continues to build the future of the Subscription Economy, together.

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