Supporting the next generation of business leaders with NFTE

At Zuora, we believe in finding ways to do business that are better for people, companies and the planet. It’s called modern business and it’s how Zuora prioritizes people and focuses on sustainable growth. 

It’s for this reason (and many others) that we love our partnership with Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). Their vision, both sustainable and people-focused, is to provide entrepreneurship training and education programs to build a more equitable future for the youth of underserved communities. 

As we think about the next generation of ZEOs, our people, we’re cultivating a mindset that equips them to recognize opportunity, take initiative, and innovate in the face of challenges. 

In two years, Zuora’s support of NFTE has helped impact the lives of almost 58,000 youth annually, including about 700 students, through the support of volunteers who have served over 690 hours…and we’re just getting started. 

ZEOs have volunteered for the international non-profit in two big ways:

  1. Innovation field trips where ZEOs partner with students to bring their business ideas to life and more; and
  2. Helping NFTE students activate their entrepreneurial thinking through college/career mentoring.

“When Zuora volunteers take time to coach, empower, and support our NFTE students, it enhances and brings to life real-world skills like collaboration, communication, and comfort with what NFTE teachers focus on during every class period. NFTE students also get the opportunity to explore their sense of possibility from various professionals with diverse lived experiences and continue the journey of igniting their entrepreneurial mindset and owning their futures!” – Anthony Curtis, Senior Manager of Volunteer Programs & Organizational Culture, NFTE

Innovation field trips: real-world experience meets entrepreneurial mindset

For students, the innovation field trips are often a departure from their daily activities but provide them with practical advice from our ZEOs.The experience is rewarding not just for the students but for our volunteers, too. 

“Students were so glad that they attended, learned from the mentors, and gained confidence in pitching their ideas. They had fun!” Imani Butler, Silver Creek High School Teacher, Introduction to Business

“It was not only a unique experience, but a fun opportunity for me to be a small part of their journey into their learning and growth (also being part of the winning presentation team!)” – Kenneth Choi, Zuora, ZEO Success Partner, Redwood City

Mentoring and activating ideas for a more sustainable future

Outside of providing real-world advice to the student participants, ZEOs also participate as judges in NFTE’s World Series of Innovation. The program invites young people to solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges by advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals and, more specifically, fighting climate change and preserving the planet through subscription-based innovations. 

“I was honored to be a judge at the NFTE World Youth Entrepreneurship challenge. The final 4 contestants showed how creativity, ingenuity, determination, research, action and resilience can change lives and the world for the better. At a time when it’s easy to be down about humanity, seeing these young people from across the globe taking on big challenges with passion and determination is incredibly inspiring.” – Andee Gerhardt, Zuora, Senior Director Learning and Talent Enablement

These really are pitches that could change the world. Check out the subscription businesses ideas of the 2022 finalists of the World Series of Innovation

  • A web browser extension focused on offsetting carbon emissions from online purchases;
  • Reusable packaging and utensils for restaurants; and
  • Refillable cosmetics and secondhand clothing marketplaces. 

Clove – Finalist in the Zuora Subscription Economy Challenge


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