Keys to a Successful Product Launch

February 11, 2016

Is your company planning to launch an exciting new product or service soon? Product launches, if done right, can lead to a growth trifecta of attracting new subscribers, increasing the value of your existing customers, and preventing customer churn. However, a successful product launch is just as much about how your teams manage operations as it is about what you are launching.

“When you are launching a company in the Subscription Economy, there are many things you have to think about – pricing and packaging strategies, sales channels, finance, operations, and more. And you have to do all of this with the customer at the top of mind.” says Rohan Vaidya, Sales Engineering Manager at Zuora.

A company that had them all covered in just over a year is Thync. Launched in 2015, Thync is a radical new mood-altering wearable technology. The device sends electronic impulses to cranial nerves to calm a person down, or give them a boost of energy. It’s worn on the forehead and can be controlled via a smartphone app. “We wanted to make sure that when we went to market we were immediately ready to give the customers that best experience we possibly could. From an operations perspective we wanted to make sure that we were efficient and didn’t want to hire additional people unnecessarily. “ explains Jason Egnal, VP of Digital Marketing and Commercial Operations at Thync.

How did they do it?

Join Jason Egnal, VP of Digital Marketing and Commercial Operations at Thync and Rohan Vaidya, Sales Engineering Manager at Zuora as they chat on how Thync was able to quickly go to market by meeting key operational requirements. Egnal and Vaidya will discuss creating multiple revenue streams via pricing strategies, addressing your market through multiple sales channels, scaling with the help of flexible billing and payment options and implementing the correct ecosystem of applications to support not just your launch but also your future growth.

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