Marc Diouane’s Z-Vision for Subscription Success

Marc Diouane’s Z-Vision for Subscription Success

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by Marc Diouane

EVP, Global Field Operations, Zuora


Today I’m thrilled to officially join the Zuora team and am incredibly fortunate to be a part of a company that is transforming the way companies do business. The world is shifting to new consumption models and in response, companies are re-inventing their entire business models to better serve customers by delivering services to them in whole new ways and building valuable long term relationships with them. To make this transition successfully to a World Subscribed, enterprises need a trusted advisor and solid technology. Zuora is in prime position to be that partner to companies around the globe.

We’re seeing this shift to recurring revenue models impacting businesses of all sizes across every industry sector. It’s already familiar to many people in media and software – e.g. Adobe flipped their entire business from perpetual license to subscription model. Even the manufacturing industry that I served for many years at PTC is shifting from selling hard goods to sell products as services. The Internet of Things and smart connected products and devices are proliferating across all industries. From Zipcar to Nest, there’s no need to acquire them any more, you have just to subscribe to them.


But this shift is not easy. Enterprises now have to deal with millions of subscribers and the complex systems behind it all. CRM solutions help to provide visibility to business pipeline / forecast and ERP systems manage physical inventory and transactional accounting.


But there’s a new system that’s needed for a new world of subscription services, a solution that helps companies build, manage and optimize the revenue relationships that are the lifeblood of subscription businesses. We call this solution Relationship Business Management and it’s designed to manage the business operations of customer-centric subscription companies as ERP has done for manufacturing companies.


This is where Zuora comes in. We provide a proven, scalable solution that’s designed to help your business manage the lifecycle of the relationships with your subscribers. For some, adopting a Business Relationship Management solution seems daunting. But there are lots of companies who have successfully done it to learn from. We’ve worked with these companies to help develop an experience-based framework called the Nine Keys to Subscription Success.

And, Zuora is a key ingredient in the success of these business transformation stories. This is a company that is not only the leader in the market, but also created it. With $24 billion contracted under management and over 600 live customers representing all major industries, a top 25 CEO in Tien Tzuo, and established success in enterprises like HP, Dell, News Corp, Tata and IBM – Zuora is not just enterprise-grade. It’s enterprise-proven.

There is a strong fit between my global field operations experience and where Zuora is today. Our focus this year is to help more global enterprises successfully transform their businesses to serve the World Subscribed. This is a massive opportunity and at Zuora, we are well positioned. Our market has no limits.

Every industry, every company, every product, has the potential to drive this change. I look forward to helping our customers be successful. And having lots of fun along the way.


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