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Zuora University:
End Users + Administrators

For Zuora customers who use and administer Zuora products

What's in it for you?

  • Learn recommended best practices in using and administering Zuora products
  • Stay up-to-date with new Zuora product releases and updates
  • Maximize your credibility by becoming Zuora-certified

Learn your way

Choose courses that fit your unique learning style and master Zuora on your terms, when, where, and how you prefer

Self-Paced Courses

Interactive, dynamic content that guides you through use-case scenarios and practice tasks

Video Courses

Lecture-style courses narrated by Zuora Subject Matter Experts, for those who prefer to learn by watching

Remote Classrooms

Online sessions taught by a Zuora trainer, offering you the chance to ask questions and get answers

Master it all

No matter which Zuora product you use or how you use it, we’ve got you covered.

What's included

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new courses / month

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Priced per seat with volume discounts

Got questions?

We've got answers.

Zuora University: End Users + Administrators features 140+ online courses covering a variety of topics for beginners, seasoned Zuora product users, and everyone between. Our wide selection of courses allows each user the flexibility to determine how, when, and what they learn. Users may choose from three different course types: self-paced courses offer interactive content with a narrator’s guidance; video courses offer lecture-style explanations from Zuora’s own subject matter experts; and remote classrooms offer live sessions hosted by a member of the Zuora Training team.

Yes! We have two certification options that we built especially for end users of Zuora products. As part of Zuora University: End Users & Administrators, you can choose to become a Certified Zuora Administrator or a Certified Product Catalog Manager. These certifications are available to all subscribers of this training program.

Our flagship training program is available to current users of Zuora products, priced on an annual subscription basis. Subscribers gain unlimited access to our comprehensive course library, which covers all topics related to Zuora products.

Tell us about your interest in Zuora University on this form. A member of the Zuora sales team will get back to you.

After the order form has been executed, you or your Zuora Sales representative may contact Zuora Training to request access. In order to create your account, all we need is your first name, last name, and professional email address.

Once we’ve granted your request for access, you will receive a “Welcome to Zuora University” email with registration and login details. If you are missing this email or need it resent, let us know. We can also manually reset your password in the event that you become locked out of your account.

No. The Zuora University course library is hosted outside of Zuora products. You’ll need to access your training materials separately at university.zuora.com.

No. Access to the Zuora University platform is priced per seat, and our user terms and agreement explains that only one person at a time may utilize a single seat. For this reason, we don’t allow departmental email addresses to be used when creating a new student account.

However, it’s possible for you to complete your training, then pass your seat along for someone else to use. You can find details about that process in the next question below.

Contact training@zuora.com and let us know. We can quickly and easily deactivate that user’s account in order to make space for a new student! If you’d like to get someone else (or yourself) started with that license, please give us a first name, last name, and professional email address.

Contact training@zuora.com and tell us about your needs — odds are, we can find what you’re looking for in our existing course library!  In the rare event that we don’t already have a course that tackles a specific item, we’ll add it to our wish list for future additions to our catalog.

Once you’ve logged in to Zuora University, select “Remote Classroom” from the left-hand pick list to filter the courses you see. Browse until you find something that interests you, then click into it. Once you’re in your chosen course’s description page, click “enter” to register for a remote classroom session. On the registration page, you’ll be able to select the time/day that works with your schedule.

If you prefer a calendar view of what’s coming up soon, visit our Remote Classroom calendar.