The World Subscribed with GoPro & VMware

The World Subscribed with GoPro & VMware Pt.1

Incubating Subscription Teams in Large Enterprises: The Bigger the Company, the Harder the Change

Show host and Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo talks to Aimée Lapic, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at GoPro and Sanjay Poonen, Former Chief Operating Officer of VMware, about their experiences launching new subscription programs in both the retail and enterprise space.

In today’s world, B2B user experiences inevitably follow the lead of the world’s best B2C companies. What can these two exceptional companies learn from one another? How did VMware and GoPro manage the organizational efforts of launching new subscription programs? How do GoPro and VMware build and nurture these new customer relationships? And what exactly constitutes a “Berlin Wall moment”?

Hosted by Zuora’s founder and CEO Tien Tzuo, The World Subscribed dives deep into the minds of leading executives, investors, and shapers of the Subscription Economy. On the show, Tzuo has candid conversations with his guests on challenging business and socio-economic topics, and how we can all imagine a better future.