The World Subscribed with Microsoft & Fortune

Hosted by Zuora’s Founder and CEO Tien Tzuo, The World Subscribed dives deep into the minds of leading executives, investors, and shapers of the Subscription Economy.

Tzuo has candid conversations with his guests on challenging business and socio-economic topics, and how we can all imagine a better future.

Talking Subscriptions and Social Change

In this inaugural episode, Tien Tzuo talks to Alan Murray, CEO of Fortune, and Sarah Bond, CVP of Gaming Ecosystem at Microsoft on the impact of the pandemic, Xbox’s community of gamers, Fortune’s new Paywall strategy, and the subscription model’s inherent ability to bounce back.

They also discuss the evolving role of businesses at a time of global social change, what it means to be a leader in 2020, the importance of representation, and share personal experiences, including a meeting with the Pope!