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At The Tipping Point: The World Subscribed

Tien Tzuo

Co-Founder & CEO of Zuora, and author of Subscribed

The Monetization Platform for Your Business

Sri Srinivasan

Chief Product & Engineering Officer, Zuora

Unlocking Your Audience While Generating Creator Opportunity

REVOLT CEO Detavio Samuels joins Zuora CEO and Co-Founder Tien Tzuo to discuss how America’s fastest growing Black-owned media company is unlocking the future of media, focused on representation and ownership for viewers, readers and creators. Detavio will share his perspective on why the future of successful business involves a direct customer relationship, and why authenticity is critical for every executive’s strategy.

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Subscription Economy Index™

Our latest Subscription Economy Index™ report, shows that the increased subscription adoption sparked by the pandemic could be a permanent shift. Check out the latest data by sector and region: the SEI shows subscription businesses continue to outpace traditional business growth.

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