Zuora for Workday Financials

Overview of Zuora

Companies rely on Zuora to build, run and grow a modern business. Whether your business model is based on subscriptions, consumption, or a hybrid approach, our flexible monetization solutions will help you unlock your full growth potential.

The Zuora platform powers complete order-to-revenue monetization processes: from pricing & packaging, to order management, billing, invoicing, payments, revenue recognition and more.

Zuora in a Workday Financials Ecosystem

Zuora & Workday have built a strategic partnership focused on Workday Financials to help users with complex business models and sophisticated order-to-revenue processes at scale. There are a number of scenarios where Zuora + Workday together makes sense including:


Going to market with numerous types of recurring charges, promotions, currencies, billing rules, and billing triggers and combining them into different bundled offers 

Zuora has you covered by housing a Product Catalog that can handle any type of monetization model you throw at it. It’s then tied directly into flexible billing capabilities, with the option to pass invoice information to Workday for collections and the remainder of the finance process. 


Enabling your customers to frequently make changes to their subscription or consumption agreement though upselling, cross-selling and the like

Zuora’s Order Management capabilities seamlessly handle amendments, including automating any adjustments, pro-rations, co-terminations, and business processes that need to be initiated in other systems.


Leveraging Consumption models at Scale

Zuora enables companies to launch, test, and scale various consumption offerings including pre-paid drawdown and minimum commit models with full order to revenue support. With Zuora’s native mediation capabilities companies can capture and consolidate usage events, iterate quickly with out of the box pricing and packaging models, unlock insights with near-real time visibility, and track and recognize consumption revenue at scale with compliance. 


Supporting direct-to-consumer organizations dealing with complex digital payments landscapes

Zuora’s payments capabilities help you get more sophisticated with payment retries and payment type cascading, helping collect more cash and reducing passive churn. Native integrations to multiple payment gateways mean easy international expansion combined with compliance with local regulations. 


Consolidating multiple channels and millions of customers for B2B organizations into a single AR subledger? 

Zuora can manage high volumes of customer transactions and normalize them into a singular data model. This includes unifying data from multiple sources, orchestrating AR processes, automating the revenue recognition, and ultimately journalizing transactions to Workday core Financials or Accounting Center.


Dealing with highly complex revenue recognition including multi-element arrangements, frequent contract modifications, allocations, variable considerations, and SSP calculations along with numerous revenue release triggers…

Zuora Revenue systematically identifies Revenue Contracts from Sales Orders and processes them through the 5 steps of ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliant revenue recognition at scale – including handling all of these complexities and more out of the box. The result is journal entries that flow directly into Workday Financials! 


Some of the fastest growing and most successful organizations worldwide are leveraging Zuora and Workday together for best-in-class order-to-revenue combined with core financials solutions to help you empower decisions at every level so you can be ready for what comes next.

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