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How to Unlock Resilience through Consumption Monetization

EY and Zuora’s SSG team deep dived into how companies can closer align the value of their services to how their customers are willing to consume them. Using strategic pricing levers like consumption-based models can give businesses the flexibility to meet their customers’ changing demands while continuing to drive revenue predictability for their business even throughout uncertain economic conditions. We’ll discuss:

  • The importance of pricing value metrics
  • The spectrum of subscription and consumption pricing models, from the “all you can eat” model to paid in advance and everything in between (like prepaid with drawdown)
  • The agility needed across your organization for successful consumption monetization 
  • A brief demo of Zuora’s Consumption Solutions
David Warren

Principal Director,
Subscribed Strategy Group,

Michael Kanazawa

Principal and Equity Partner,

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– Rahma Samow

Head of Siemens Healthineers Digital Health Global

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