The Blueprint to Monetizing anything-as-a-service

While, subscriptions will inevitably become the dominant business model, the journey towards subscription business model transformation is different for everyone. Companies born as subscription natives have reaped the benefits of faster growth and more resiliency in unpredictable market conditions, but hundred year old product native companies are often the ones with the most solidified brand and most capital to invest. Regardless of the business model preference, all companies want the best of both of these worlds -- they want to monetize the best of their subscriptions, physical products, and professional services. This shift can be found in every industry, whether it's a technology company selling teleconference hardware to supplement its software service, a manufacturer introducing telemetry services tied to its industrial equipment, or a media company offering live event passes on top of its digital streaming service. However, trying to launch, iterate, and grow your bundled offerings on two different platforms is costly and ineffective. This requires millions of dollars and years of ongoing custom integrations that will still deliver poor experiences for your end subscribers. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how Zuora has opened up its platform with new unified monetization capabilities that enable companies to monetize any combination of subscriptions, physical goods, professional services, and more all together.

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