Scaling in the Subscription Economy with Zuora and Adyen

There is no denying that subscriptions are becoming the dominant business model across every sector in our global economy. The reality is, however, that any business with recurring revenue will ultimately come across fundamental challenges in their payments strategy, whether it’s friction around customer sign-ups and upgrades, poor cash flow from consistent payment failures, or even an increasing rate of fraudulent transactions. Companies succeed in the Subscription Economy when they can monetize the best of their subscriptions, products, and services, and payments are critical in this process. With our Adyen integration, businesses can unlock a differentiated set of subscriber payment methods to further support the offerings they launch on Zuora.

Download this report to learn how you can harness the power of both Zuora and Adyen’s platforms to elevate your recurring payments strategy and reap the five benefits below.

  • Minimize customer sign-up friction
  • Enable effortless subscriber upgrades
  • Increase first-time payment success with proactive card updates
  • Maximize payment recovery with AI-driven retry schedules
  • Stay ahead of fraud with dynamic risk management

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