SaaS Subscription Impact Report

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has had a quick and damaging effect on the global economy. However, amidst operational disruptions, supply chain restrictions, and a global recession, subscription businesses are proving to be resilient.

Pulling data from our Subscription Economy database (the source of our bi-annual Subscription Economy Index), we analyzed hundreds of subscription-based companies across industries to identify the impact that COVID-19 is having. We collected that data in a comprehensive report — Subscription Impact Report: COVID-19 Edition.

In this abridged report, we’ve taken a cut of the data to focus on the earliest trends of how COVID-19 has impacted subscriber acquisition rates (“subscription growth”), specifically for SaaS companies.

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  • Which SaaS segments are growing and which are slowing
  • The 4 SaaS strategic responses to retain existing subscribers and grow customer lifetime value (LTV)

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