Beyond KPIs: Benchmarks that Empower Modern Businesses

A person is typing on a laptop displaying graphs and charts. Nearby are a pair of glasses and a smartphone on a white desk.

Revenue Operations leaders have been tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) like “ARR”, “MRR”, and “Churn Rate” since the early aughts when SaaS models first started gaining steam amongst software companies. These metrics were a great starting point for plotting year over year trends, but how much can they really tell you? They can’t answer deeper […]

LEAP Legal Software

Learn how Zuora helped LEAP Legal Software make the leap from its Australian base to the UK and then to the US, enabling a seamless global expansion effort with trickle down positive impacts for LEAP’s many customers across the world.

TeamSpirit, Inc.

Learn how the Zuora platform made it easy for Japanese SaaS company TeamSpirit to accommodate customer needs with different pricing packages, ensure accounting integrity to successfully IPO, and achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 50%.

Diamond, Inc.

Zuora Central provided the platform that leading Japanese publisher Diamond needed to manage revenue-generating pricing packages, contracts, billing, collections, and KPIs.


Learn how Hudl used Zuora Central Platform’s Workflow to automate unique business processes, saving their IT, billing and engineering teams hours of work normally allocated to building custom code and manual work.

8 Revenue Recognition Automation Implementation Best Practices

Finance and IT leaders from SurveyMonkey, CloudFlare, AppDynamics, and Zuora provide best practices for the implementation of revenue recognition automation systems, a move that’s being driven by new ASC 606 accounting standards around contract revenue.