How to Nail the “Land and Expand” Model to Drive Subscription Growth

As more and more companies enter the Subscription Economy, it is well understood that subscription businesses grow via the “Land and Expand” (L&E) model. What is not as well understood is how to pull off this complex feat of growth across multiple dimensions simultaneously.

To understand this better, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG)’s Value Science team and the Subscribed Institute analyzed Subscription Economy data to uncover both the challenges and the opportunities for businesses looking for sustainable growth in their subscription businesses by catalyzing the L&E model.

Download this landmark report to understand:

  • Impact of “4D revenue expansion”(upselling, cross-selling, growing volume, and capturing price increases) on revenue growth
  • Understanding the “leaky bucket syndrome” and what you can do to minimize it
  • Correlation of L&E performance with ARR
  • And best practices to improve your L&E strategies

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