How to Thoughtfully Design a Quote to Revenue Process that Scales


As companies expand their offerings, the complexity of their revenue accounting frequently increases, especially with “as-a-service” and “consumption” offerings . The need to be able to efficiently perform revenue accounting lies with the design of your Contract-to-Revenue process. In today’s rapidly evolving environment, if you’re not creating an end-to-end process that scales as you expand your offerings and contract volume, you may struggle to support your company’s growth while maintaining your reporting deadlines.

Tune in to hear EY + Zuora discuss the answers to these pressing questions and help you to design a Contract-to-Revenue process that scales:

  • What makes the design of an end-to-end Contract-To-Revenue process so complex and what are some opportunities to consider?
  • What data should you be capturing to streamline revenue accounting?
  • What should be automated within your revenue process and why should traceability remain top of mind?
  • And what outcomes should your team be able to deliver on if executed properly?

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Jeffrey Johnson



VP, GM of Zuora Revenue


Enjoy the webinar