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Get Involved and Become a Zuora Advocate!

The Zuora Advocacy Program is a way for our amazing customers to share their story with us and help change the world, one subscription at a time. Contact us at if you’re interested in participating in any of the following ways.

Customer Story Interview

Share your unique subscription journey, challenges and learnings, with our employees. Join Chief Customer Officer, Tom Krackeler, in a virtual Q&A for ZEOs.

Admin Certification

Complete Zuora University’s Admin Master Class and pass the Zuora Administrator Certification Test.

Zuora Advisory Group

ZAG is an invite only group that provides insightful feedback on Zuora products and initiatives before the rest of the world knows.

Peer-To-Peer Call

Meet subscription economy thought leaders and early adopters like you. Talk to other Zuora customers about best practices about implementation, industry strategy, product use cases, etc.

Reference Call

Describe your experience with the Zuora product and implementation process with a prospective Zuora customer.

Community Guru

Provide helpful tips and reply to comments online in the Zuora Community and achieve this highly regarded “power-user” status. Reserved for only a few individuals each year, Guru’s are celebrated at Zuora’s annual Subscribed conference.

Community Chapter Lead

Lead a Zuora user group in your region and help educate other Zuora customers in the area by sharing best practices and organizing group meetings.

Product Beta Program

Try new features before they are generally available and shape the direction of the Zuora product by providing valuable feedback to our team.



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