First-party data strategy solutions

Capture and enrich user data to maximize revenue.

Unlocking revenue across your user journey

Using registration and intelligent paywalls to capture valuable first-party data is the key unlocking revenue across your user journey. Zephr’s intuitive features create personalized conversion strategies at all points of the subscription journey, collecting fully GDPR and CCPA compliant data that can be used to drive the value proposition for each potential customer.
progressive profiling

Data capture that works for both you and your audience 

Zephr’s fully customizable data capture forms enable you to deploy personalized data collection strategies to the right user at the right time. Our easy-to-use Rules Builder allows you to continually update and deepen your understanding of your visitors as they move from unknown to known users. Progressive profiling makes it easier and quicker to monetize your audience, driving greater subscriptions, higher conversion and click-through rates across your advertising, affiliate marketing and e-commerce channels.
plug & play enrichment

Personalized subscription experiences powered by data

Our plug-and-play integrations allow Zephr Identity to sync with your data management and customer relationship softwares to ensure all data-sets are complete.

Any user information captured is not only stored effectively but is instantly accessible and actionable.

In addition, our in-product data capabilities, Zephr Optimize, helps you leverage first party data off-platform and synchronize it with your favorite tools, like Google Analytics and Tableau, for the fully integrated experience.

activation + rev maximization

Turn first-party data into actionable results

Collecting and storing first-party data is only half the battle. How you activate against that data is the key to unlocking sustainable subscription revenue growth. Zephr empowers your teams to start building and testing personalized subscription experiences immediately, ensuring all data points and user segments are available within Zephr’s Rules Builder. The flexibility of Zephr’s platform means you can activate your first-party data to deliver:
The flexibility of Zephr’s platform means you can activate your first-party data to deliver:

The solutions you need to create truly personalized subscription journeys for your audience.


Drive dynamic revenue conversions with effective messaging and unique user experiences.

Identity & access management

Create frictionless access to your content at the right time for every user.

First-party data strategies

Capture and enrich valuable, fully GDPR and CCPA compliant user data to maximize revenue growth.

User specific personalization

Develop deeply personalized user experiences that convert visitors to customers.

Corporate subscription management

Acquire, manage and grow your B2B and corporate subscription users with confidence.

Dynamic offers

Activate your pricing strategy instantly with complex rate plans and price books pulled directly from Zuora Billing.

Why Zephr

Low code rules builder

Empowers commercial and product teams to take control of their digital revenue strategies.

Dynamic offers

Rapidly experiment with product bundling, pricing, discounts, messaging and imagery to target every user with the right offer for them.

Plug and play

Seamlessly integrates with your tech stack, avoiding costly bespoke integrations.

Powerful analytics

Access transparent data visualization and detailed journey flows.

Scalable and flexible

Extract maximum value from your largest clients with a full suite of tools to manage corporate subscriptions.

Un-silo your data

Connects to propensity modeling tools to create personalized campaigns, allowing you to smash commercial KPIs.

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