Customize Pricing
 & Packaging

Discover a range of pricing models tailored to your needs, from one-time charges to subscriptions and consumption-based billing.

Versatile pricing models

Pricing & packaging tailored for every
business model

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One-time charges

Offer single payments for products or services, allowing straightforward transactions that fit customer preferences and business needs

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Recurring charges

Implement flexible subscription models with options for flat fees, per unit pricing, volume pricing and more.

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Consumption-based pricing

Monetize services through consumption-based models like prepaid balance, minimum commitment, pay-as-you-go, overage,
and more

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Global currency support

Expand your business globally with support for multiple currencies and ensure seamless transactions and reporting globally

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Flexible Billing

Adapt billing to business needs

Align your billing practices with your business needs. Choose from monthly, annual, or daily billing cycles. Set up billing triggers based on specific events or dates, ensuring your billing process matches your operational requirements. This allows you to create pricing & packaging strategies that align with your business goals and meet your customers’ needs.

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Create effective promotions

Boost sales with a variety of promotional options. Create percentage-based discounts, fixed discounts, and offer free trials. Easily manage and distribute promo codes to your customers, and track the effectiveness of refining marketing strategies.

Low Code/No Code

Get to market faster

Save time and money with centralized product deployment for multi-level organizations. Utilize a low-code/no-code, business-user-friendly pricing designer to provide pricing with ease. Out-of-the box design support for over 50 pricing models, ranging from per unit to advanced charge models like Multi-Attribute Pricing, Pre-Rated, and High-Water Mark.

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Customizable Billing Triggers

Adapt to your business model with billing options that allow you to bill before or after a product is provided. Ensure billing aligns with financial and customer cycles using adjustable billing frequencies.

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