Zuora’s Oct ‘13 Release Delivers More Options For Secure Online Commerce, More Billing And Collections Automation, And Greater Finance Controls

October 29, 2013

Latest release delivers features centered on increasing cash collections, more options for secure payment capture, more billing flexibility, greater control over chart of accounts.

Foster City, CA – October 29, 2013


Zuora, the subscription billing, commerce and finance leader, announces the availability of its Oct ‘13 release. This release delivers features centered on increasing cash collections, more options for secure payment capture, more billing flexibility and greater control over chart of accounts.

The features of this release give you the tools necessary to operate more effectively as a subscription business. With this release, you can now tailor billing to any customer’s unique needs, rather than creating a new pricing plan.

Highlights of the October 2013 Release include:

  • Enhancements to Litle Credit Card Updater Service
    Zuora is committed to helping customers maximize their electronic payment collections and reduce payment declines. This month, Zuora is announcing major enhancements to the Litle credit card updater service, which automatically updates lost and expired credit cards in Zuora, resulting in fewer payment declines and higher cash collections.
  • Billing period overrides
    You can now override billing periods on subscription charges, either at the time of creating a subscription, or when adding new items to an existing subscription. If
    you need to offer one of your subscribers a billing period that you didn’t anticipate and is not specified in your standard catalog, you no longer need to create a new pricing plan. Simply override the billing period for that customer. With this feature you can easily offer even more billing choices to customers that are tailored to their unique needs.
  • New enhancements to Chart of Accounts
    This month Zuora has added additional permission levels to control, which users can create and manage Chart of Accounts codes. This will give you the ability to get even more granular when setting up finance roles and permissions. In addition, the Zuora Chart of Accounts object is now accessible via Zuora APIs. This enables a higher degree of automation when creating or updating chart of your accounts in Zuora. Chart of Accounts codes can now be fed into Zoura from external systems like your general ledger via our APIs.
  • Payment capture via client browser
    Zuora provides a number of choices for customers to securely collect credit card information during an online purchase. This month, Zuora has added another choice to this list. Merchants can now capture payment information via a direct call from the client’s browser to Zuora, without the payment information ever passing through the merchant’s servers. This reduces a merchant’s PCI compliance burden.
  • More custom field support via REST APIs
    Zuora  has now extended the number of objects that can support custom fields through REST APIs calls. Custom fields are now supported via REST APIs on accounts, products, subscriptions, invoices, payments and usage.

With the modern, multi-tenant SaaS architecture found in the Z-Business platform, all of Zuora’s hundreds of customers have automatically received this product update with no negative impact to existing configurations and customizations. Customers can read more about the details of the Oct ‘13 release here.


Marc Aronson, SVP of Engineering for Zuora commented: “This release is anchored on automating and simplifying business processes that support cash collections, billing and accounting. Our enhanced APIs and tools give our customers more options and control.”