Zuora to Offer Subscription Billing for Launch of PayPal Apps

October 26, 2010

Zuora, PayPal X and Microsoft to help developers monetize the “App Economy”

INNOVATE 2010, SAN FRANCISCO — Oct. 26, 2010

Company News

  • Zuora, the leader in subscription billing, today announced its app is being included in the launch of the PayPal Apps beta at Innovate 2010.
  • PayPal Apps provides third-party developers with a great new way to provide services to PayPal customers by embedding apps directly into PayPal’s Web and mobile presence.
  • Zuora is showcasing its commitment to helping application developers monetize their offerings. At Innovate, Zuora will highlight sharpcloud, a customer that has built its application on the Windows Azure platform, and is now able to capitalize on that development effort by using PayPal for payment processing and Zuora for subscription billing.

Promoting the App Economy

  • A thriving and fast-growing network of application marketplaces, estimated at $1 billion today and projected to reach $4 billion by 2012, has created powerful opportunities for developers of all sizes through low barriers to entry, easily available reach, and broad-based platforms such as Windows Azure, Google, Saleforce.com, Apple, RIM, Yahoo!, Facebook, and PayPal.
  • However, monetizing those apps — collecting payment on a recurring basis and accurately provisioning access for customers — has remained a key challenge. Most app marketplaces only let developers choose from one-time payments, mechanisms oriented toward virtual goods rather than apps, or simply no payment capabilities at all.
  • To fully enable the App Economy, app marketplaces need to offer developers a simple mechanism to offer the flexible pricing and packaging options — including recurring subscription, pay-per-use and other pricing models — that best fit their products, customers, and markets.


  • “The Windows Azure platform provided sharpcloud with the right tools to build our application for social roadmapping, and we needed to find the right way to process, bill and book our revenue,” said Sarim Khan, CEO and Co-Founder, sharpcloud. “Zuora and PayPal are committed to helping developers monetize their innovations and enabling companies like sharpcloud to realize the promise of the App Economy.”
  • “The app economy is creating tremendous opportunities for developers, and PayPal Apps is our commitment to helping them grow their businesses,” said Damon Hougland, senior director of PayPal X. “Zuora will deliver a simple, flexible recurring billing solution so our ecosystem can monetize their products the best way for their business.”
  • “We are excited to be part of PayPal Apps,” said Shawn Price, Zuora’s President. “Building on its longtime position as an industry leader and innovator in online commerce, PayPal is now playing a crucial role in the growth of the App Economy. PayPal’s vision for the App Economy will enable developers to bring their products to market across platforms faster, easier and more profitably.”

About Zuora, Inc.

Zuora’s subscription billing and commerce platform changes the way subscription businesses manage and sell to customers, allowing them to bring new products to market in less time, with more flexibility and less hassle. Zuora customers are up and running within 90 days and often recognize 200% ROI within weeks. Zuora is built from the ground up by SaaS industry visionaries and veterans from salesforce.com, WebEx, Accenture, Google, eBay, Oracle and Vitria. Zuora customers include Reed Business Information, Coremetrics, InsideView, Marketo, Ricoh, Box.net, Xactly, and Cloud Central. To learn more about Zuora, please visit zuorainternprd.wpengine.com.