Zuora Recognizes Visionaries at the Forefront of the Subscription Economy

July 1, 2019

Carbonite, eMoney Advisor, Modernizing Medicine, CDK Global, Pandora, and ConstructConnect Receive Subscription Economy Excellence Awards

San Mateo, Calif. – July 1, 2019 – Zuora, Inc. (NYSE: ZUO), the leading cloud-based subscription management platform provider, today announced the winners of its annual Subscription Economy® Excellence Awards, which recognize companies fully embracing the global shift toward subscription-based revenue models and demonstrating exceptional growth, innovation and success in their respective industries. Honored at Zuora’s annual Subscribed® San Francisco conference earlier this month, Carbonite, eMoney Advisor, Modernizing Medicine, CDK Global, Pandora, and ConstructConnect were selected among North American Zuora customers and identified as visionaries across six categories: Supergrower, Innovator, Transformer, Recognizer, Champion, and Community All-Star (individual).

Digital disruption is redefining business models across all industries – software, finance, automotive, media and more. As a result, today’s organizations are challenged with transforming traditional processes and legacy technologies to remain competitive and to meet evolving customer demands.

“Whether it’s offering new subscription services for end users or implementing new revenue recognition programs, our customers have recognized the need for significant business transformations and have implemented a variety of successful programs,” said Tom Krackeler, SVP of Products at Zuora. “On behalf of everyone at Zuora, we congratulate this year’s winners for their accomplishments and success.”

This year’s award recipients included:

  • Supergrower – Carbonite, Inc.: Supergrowers demonstrate extraordinary recent subscription revenue expansion. Carbonite showcased rapid growth by scaling to more than one million subscribers on Zuora, in addition to moving their entire acquired business units and companies onto the Zuora® platform. As a result, the company successfully shifted from a $40 million B2C business in 2011 to a $240 million B2B software company today.
  • Innovator – eMoney Advisor, LLC.: Innovators display incredible success with groundbreaking approaches in the Subscription Economy. eMoney is leading the charge in the Software-as-a-Service space for financial services offerings, switching their full business model to subscriptions in 2019 on the Zuora platform. In just 6 months, eMoney was able to speed its order-to-revenue process by 93%.
  • Transformer – Modernizing Medicine: Transformers showcase inspiring leadership and determination in evolving the Subscription Economy. Modernizing Medicine’s leadership enabled continual innovation and investment in technologies that drive growth for their business and created advantageous opportunities for them in the EHR space.
  • Recognizer – CDK Global, LLC.: Recognizers illustrate clear vision and excellence in revenue recognition. CDK Global implemented a successful ASC 606 revenue recognition program within time and budget leveraging Zuora RevPro to operate in the digital economy.
  • Champion – Pandora: This year’s “Wild Card” category. Pandora’s partnership and resilience to automate revenue recognition under the new ASC 606 standards enabled them to champion and achieve success with Zuora RevPro.
  • Community All-Star – ConstructConnect: Community All-Stars offer exceptional contributions to the Zuora Community. Maggie Longshore, Principal Software Engineer at ConstructConnect, was honored with this individual award for her phenomenally self-motivated efforts to share her expertise with other Zuora customers and partners.

Recipient Quotes:

“Winning this year’s SEE Award for ‘Supergrower’ is really a testament to how we’ve been able to partner with Zuora to achieve huge growth — over 1 million subscribers!” said Irwin Weiss, VP of IT, Carbonite (Supergrower)

“eMoney is honored to win this year’s SEE Award for Innovator. Our transformation to a subscription business is helping us connect more powerfully with our customers – the advisors – so we can understand their needs and innovate our products and pricing strategies to maximize value to them,” said Megan Murray, Head of Finance, eMoney (Innovator)

“At Modernizing Medicine® our subscription strategy is helping us constantly refine and improve our business and customer experiences. Winning this year’s SEE Award for Transformer is exciting for our team as it acknowledges and further solidifies the great work they do. If I could re-name our finance and accounting teams, I would call them the ‘Storytellers,’ because what’s important about the numbers we report is not the figures themselves, but rather the story they tell,” said Karen O’Byrne, CFO, Modernizing Medicine (Transformer)

“Automating revenue recognition was an opportunity to reimagine our processes to drive growth within CDK. I couldn’t be more pleased to receive the SEE Award for Recognizer this year. I’m looking forward to continued collaboration with Zuora!” said Steve Judge, VP of Finance Transformation, CDK Global, LLC (Recognizer)

“ASC 606 compliance is a tough road…but our partnership with Zuora helped us get to the end and gain compliance. Now we can move forward to take advantage of the growth opportunities ahead of us. It’s exciting to be recognized for our efforts in front of our peers with a SEE Award at Zuora’s Subscribed SF conference,” said Meredith Truettner, Controller, Pandora (Champion)

“Sharing knowledge and experiences among Zuora Customers and Zuora Employees is beneficial to both groups. Having open discussions is the best way to utilize our shared resources to become successful with our integrations of Zuora products. A strong Zuora User Community is invaluable to both groups as we work to achieve Subscription Economy Excellence. I am honored to receive this year’s Community All-Star award from Zuora,” said Maggie Longshore, Principal Software Architect, ConstructConnect (Community All-Star)

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