Zuora is Essential to eMoney Advisor’s Successful Transformation to the Subscription Model

January 29, 2019

Zuora, Inc. (NYSE: ZUO), the leading cloud-based subscription management platform provider, today announced that its customer, eMoney Advisor, successfully transitioned to a subscription business model. With the robust and extensible Zuora® Billing platform at the center of its transformation, eMoney was able to speed up the order-to-revenue process by 93 percent in six months.


eMoney is a leading provider of planning-centric wealth management solutions for advisors, firms and enterprises. Over the past few years, eMoney has rapidly grown to serve 57,000 users. In 2016, the company came to a crossroads realizing that the offline environment that led to eMoney’s current success was not capable of scaling with its growth trajectory.


According to a recent report from Gartner, “A significant aspect of the monetization process associated with digital business will require organizations to address and revamp the customer billing experience and deal with the rising complexity and requirements for flexibility associated with that experience[1].”


“Picture this: a billing team sitting around a conference room table with literally piles of contracts – physical contracts – all of which had to be scanned, recorded, processed and faxed,” said Barrie Effron, VP of Business Analytics Systems and PMO at eMoney Advisor. “It simply wasn’t sustainable. We couldn’t hire finance staff fast enough and customers demanded a better way.”


“We knew we had to move our business systems online, but it was a huge undertaking and a cultural shift,” said Megan Murray, Head of Finance at eMoney Advisor. To learn more about how to become successful in the Subscription Economy™, a team of eMoney executives attended Zuora’s Subscribed® New York conference.


“When we left Subscribed, we knew that Zuora was absolutely the right partner to help guide us through the organizational and financial changes required to transform from a traditional service model to a subscription-based business,” said Murray.


Six months after deployment, eMoney saw vast improvements with the Zuora platform at the center of its business model transformation. eMoney slashed the time to take a quote from order signature to payment from 500 hours to 34 hours – a 93 percent improvement. The flexibility of the Zuora platform enables eMoney to constantly adjust internal processes, continuously improve efficiencies.  We can now leverage new capabilities to support flexible pricing strategies tied to various campaigns and product rollouts.


eMoney’s use of the Zuora platform helped the company achieve the following business goals:

  • More productive sales teams – members of eMoney’s sales team who have embraced the new subscription model are more productive and profitable. Zuora helped reduce the time required to process a quote from signature to payment by 93 percent.
  • Extensible self-service platform – eMoney has created a self-service framework for its customers to view contracts and update payments online. From order to revenue, the Zuora platform manages all financial processes, working seamlessly with Salesforce and DocuSign to provide an end-to-end experience for eMoney’s customers. eMoney’s sales, billing, contracts, legal and client services teams were all trained to use the new Zuora workflow.
  • Efficient financial processes – The flexibility of the Zuora platform helps enable eMoney to constantly adjust internal processes and continuously improve efficiencies. eMoney is now automating bill runs and iterating pricing strategies with tiered and volume pricing.


Read more about eMoney in the company case study here.

[1] “Competitive Landscape: Cloud Subscription and Recurring Billing Management, North America”, Gartner Inc., November 14, 2018, Robert Anderson

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