"With Zuora, we're able to launch products and services to acquire customers more quickly." — Cathy MacDonald, EVP, IT

Company Xplornet
Industry Communications

The Customer

Xplornet is Canada’s first national 4G wireless network.

The Challenge

They needed a platform to automate customer acquisition, billing, and payments across channels.

The Solution

Xplornet deployed Zuora’s commerce and billing platform and extended it to their channel of dealers.

The Benefits

Xplornet has achieved strong revenue growth by launching new services and rapidly iterating on pricing and packaging.

"We’ve had significant growth year over year since we implemented Zuora." — Cathy MacDonald, EVP, IT

Xplornet's Story

Zuora powers Xplornet Communications’ quote-to-cash process and has enabled it to rapidly launch new telecommunications service offerings. With Zuora, Xplornet has automated its pricing, quoting, orders, billing and payments and customer care capabilities such as change orders, customer cases and renewals.

Xplornet is Canada’s first national 4G network, delivering high-speed connectivity to more than 250,000 customers and 700 dealers.

Xplornet selected Zuora's commerce and billing solution for its enterprise scale. Instead of investing in a costly homegrown billing system or trying to make an on-premise solution work to their specs, Xplornet went with Zuora from the beginning.

Xplornet wanted more flexibility and agility to launch their new offerings and to provide better customer service. They also needed a consolidated billing and payments platform for national and dealer accounts. With Zuora, Xplornet can connect with customers across the Web, over the phone, and on mobile devices.

Xplornet enjoys the ability to flexibly change their pricing when compared to traditional models. “In a traditional environment it becomes onerous and takes weeks to plan, test and implement,” explained Cathy MacDonald, EVP of IT for Xplornet.

MacDonald sees the fast implementation time as a huge benefit to working with Zuora. Xplornet installed Zuora together with Salesforce in a year—a blistering pace compared to the standards of traditional telco companies.

With an eye towards future growth, MacDonald and her team look forward to taking advantage of rapid iteration of Zuora’s offerings: “They do rapid iteration and changes to their products, so we will be able to piggyback on changes they make for companies a lot bigger than us,” she says. “We will benefit from the cloud iteration schedule to be able to continually improve our environment.”

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