“Zuora has driven revenue growth by allowing us to expand, very rapidly, into more and more international markets." — Christian Springub, Co-Founder

Company Jimdo
Industry Cloud Infrastructure

The Customer

Jimdo offers an easy-to-use custom website builder.

The Challenge

They were ready to go international and needed a subscription billing system that could take them there.

The Solution

Zuora enabled them to roll out subscription services in 11 new markets on four continents.

The Benefits

Jimdo has helped people build more than 12 million websites.

"With Zuora, we run our business better.” — Christian Springub, Co-Founder

Jimdo's Story

With Zuora, Jimdo went from a relatively small German web enterprise to a global website building and hosting service.

Jimdo has helped people build a lot of websites. 12 million of them, in fact. And today they’re one of the highest-rated companies in the industry.

When Jimdo was getting ready to take the big leap into international markets, they were looking for a subscription commerce and billing engine that could help them get there. They needed a system that could support multiple product lines, including paid and free versions. They needed self-service capabilities to handle upgrades with a single invoice stream. And they needed to be able to work in multiple currencies without causing a SKU explosion.

Jimdo’s existing retail-based billing system was burning out over the new currencies and price plans. And, because the system wasn’t built for subscriptions, teams had to enter every transaction and product add-on as a separate transaction. The upshot was that they were sending customers multiple invoices for the same subscription.

Jimdo ultimately went with Zuora’s Subscription Commerce Platform because it offered the simplest system to create and launch pricing and packaging for multiple global markets. Almost overnight, they launched in 11 new countries, from Japan to Europe to the United States and South America.

Today, they can roll out regional offers and specific pricing for any country. They can bill in 20 local currencies and accept payments through 80+ portals, from wire transfers to credit cards. Customers can easily choose, manage, and add to their subscription services through a clear and simple interface.

When Jimdo selected Zuora, they had helped people 3.5 million websites. Today, in 2014, the total stands at over 12 million.

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