“We leveraged Zuora to streamline and optimize the customer experience. Without Zuora, we would not have been able to grow in the early days as fast as we did - certainly not without risking the customer experience." - Bart Hacking, CFO of BetterCloud

Company BetterCloud
Industry Cloud Applications

The Customer

BetterCloud provides critical insights, automated management, and intelligent data security for cloud office platforms.

The Challenge

BetterCloud needed help managing billing as they transitioned from a free to a paid service.

The Solution

Zuora helped automate BetterCloud’s billing process for a better self-service customer experience.

The Benefits

They went from 0 to 1000 paying customers in the first month of going live.

"We went from 0 to 1000 paying customers in the first month of going live. Without Zuora, we wouldn't have been able to grow as fast as we did." - Bart Hacking, CFO of BetterCloud

BetterCloud's Story

When BetterCloud, the leading provider of automated management and intelligent data security for cloud office systems, decided to move to a paid model, they knew they needed help. With thousands of free users, and projections for a 10% conversion rate, they needed a robust solution to manage their subscription management, billing, and payment systems as they looked to scale.

From the start, BetterCloud, a 100% subscription-based business, had aggressive plans. They needed the right infrastructure to support their planned trajectory. Their main goal was scalability. They wanted flexible solutions that could support their customer acquisition goals and anticipated transaction volume.

BetterCloud insisted that the customer touch points of order management, fulfillment, billing, and collections be positive. They leveraged Zuora to support their self-service model so that billing was immediate and customers could easily view their transaction history. “Without [this support], we would not have been able to grow in the early days as fast as we did: we went from zero to a thousand paying customers in the first month of going live,” says BetterCloud CFO Bart Hacking.

Soon they realized they needed to go beyond the self-service model with a direct sales team. First they had to integrate their CRM from a quote, order fulfillment, and order processing standpoint. With Zuora, they were able to standardize across new sales, renewals, expansions, and upsells, with 100% electronic quoting. This automation allowed for lean finance and billing teams, and ensured that when they needed to grow their sales team, there was no systemic limitation to doing so.

Once they were successful from a sales standpoint, their next challenge was to integrate and upgrade their financial processes and systems to support revenue growth. They needed more robust financial multi-dimensional reporting so they moved to NetSuite, passing transactions from Zuora to NetSuite for an integrated process that resulted in a 4-5 day typical accounting close, supported by two and a half FTEs.

BetterCloud is now used by 50,000 organizations worldwide, supporting tens of millions of employees. As CFO Bart Hacking says, “Our business has grown over a hundred percent year over year, and that's going to continue.” With Zuora as a critical component of their infrastructure, there’s no limit to their potential growth.

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