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First things first: What's your growth strategy?

With a subscription business model, growth comes down to 3 things:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Expand into your customer base
  • Keep customers happy and renewing

Your growth strategy doesn’t only focus on new sales, you’re thinking about everything from driving upsells to reducing churn. The key is – you need to find a solution designed to help you drive both growth and retention.

That’s where Zuora comes in.

Don't worry, with Zuora it’s easier than ever to launch and iterate

Whether you’re expanding to a new geography or launching a new product, getting to market fast is a huge competitive advantage. But as your business evolves, you’re bound to change how you price, package & sell. Don’t let your systems hold you back.

Acquire customers, anywhere

Easily start signing up customers in your front-office CRM, partner portal, or e-commerce site. Wherever you sell, the experience will be consistent.

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Change your pricing on a dime

Change your pricing without changing any code? With Zuora it's all possible. Take advantage of our out-of-the-box pricing for one-time, recurring & usage-based pricing models

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Package anything with anything

Design product bundles, add-ons and editions for every sale that are tailored to your customers' needs

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lock in renewals and expand into your customer base

Signing up was just the start. Retaining your customers and moving them along an upgrade path is an equally important part of your growth strategy.
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Retain and renew subscribers
Do you know what your customers are up to? Engage with real-time insights about your customers to prevent churn, recommend add-ons, and increase renewals.
Increase net retention year over year
How many customers have upgraded last year? How many purchased add-ons? Zuora gives you the tools to design and measure those strategies, iterate, and drive your net retention growth.

All the growth without all the headaches

New growth strategies can create complexities for the rest of your company. Luckily, Zuora eases those downstream impacts. (Your billing, finance, and operations teams will thank you)
Flexible Subscriptions Icon

Flexible Subscriptions

Let customers change their subscription, suspend, or resume whenever they want.

Automated Billing Icon

Automated Billing & Collections

Whether you have 100 customers or 1 million, speed up operations without losing attention to detail.

Subscriber Management Icon

Subscriber Management

Let customers easily manage subscriptions through ecommerce, on a partner portal, or via a support team.

Global Payment Icon

Global Payment Methods & Gateways

Let international customers pay how they want. Zuora comes with 20+ payment methods and 20+ gateway partners out of the box.

Automated Revenue Recognition Icon

Automated Revenue Recognition

Recognize revenue in Zuora, automate revenue changes, and stay aligned with your General Ledger.

Reporting Icon

Reporting & Analytics

Easily measure the health of your business and your engagement with every subscriber using real-time insights.

"With Zuora, we'll be able to take our freemium product, with literally millions of users and allow them to easily upgrade. It's just something we couldn't have done before."

– Tom Gonser, Founder, Docusign

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