Recurring Payments

Recurring payments is now a dominant pricing method throughout subscription model businesses, especially when businesses are converting to a customer-centric model in which customers’ convenience and needs are prioritized first. Recurring payments makes it efficient for not only businesses, but also customers by setting up billing operations for large volumes of invoices at scale without losing attention to detail.

Zuora’s recurring payment billing platform also enables you to group customers together and set up automated billing schedules and rules for each group. Check out these other components that Zuora’s billing platform also has to offer:

  • 180+ Currencies: price in any currency and have the financial operations needed to run an international business.
  • Zuora comes with capabilities such as gain-loss reporting and FX conversion rates.
  • 30+ Payment Gateways: launch in new markets fast with our pre-integrated payment gateways. As long as you have a merchant account with a gateway, you can get started in no time with Zuora.
  • 20+ Payment Methods: when expanding your business geographically, local payment methods always do better. With Zuora’s Global Payment Engine, capture local payment methods to guarantee a faster sign up.

Set up your recurring payments for your customers the easy way! Check out more about Zuora’s recurring payment billing platform, which can help you provide convenient and easy global payments that let customers pay any way that they want.

To learn more, check out this short Zuora demo!


Zuora on Demand Demo
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