Comforth Easyfront

Partner Type

System Integrators



“Comforth Easyfront is a consulting and System Integrator company exclusively dedicated to multi-cloud CRM and BI projects.

As a Summit Salesforce Consulting Partner, they deploy these solutions and advise in all industries at regional and international level with experts that have strong experience in strategic projects.

As part of a wider group Magellan Partners, they can benefit from the strength of other activities/editors and work with other areas of expertise on an integrated approach.

As pure player in their area, their strong relationship with Salesforce, Mulesoft, Tableau and Snowflake allows them to work closely with them in order to provide solutions and products that can evolve over time with the latest innovations.

They have over 1000 certifications and 270 consultants in their area of competence ensuring quality and best practices in their area of expertise.

Comforth Easyfront is driven by the value of trust and puts all its energy to ensure success of clients’ projects.”