5 reasons to modernize your billing system and move off on-prem

In 2023, there are still on-prem billing solutions — crazy right? Well, as Beyonce says “let me upgrade you” with 5 reasons why you should modernize to a monetization system now.

  • New pricing models. You need flexibility, so testing out new pricing models like subscription, usage, or hybrid models is top-of-mind.
  • Pricing experimentation. Given the current state of the market, it’s more critical than ever to test willingness to pay (WTP) for your existing and new products.
  • Monetization is changing. Many companies and customers want to buy differently than in the past decade. Meet changing demands by rolling out new channels like self-service via product-led growth and dynamic pricing.
  • Regulatory environment. With new standards for tax around E-Invoicing, revenue recognition, and beyond, you want to stay compliant and be able to do business anywhere in the world.
  • Cash is Queen B. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup trying to extend runway, a public company trying to improve operational metrics like DSOs, or any other kind of business — more cash provides flexibility to do what’s best for your customers, employees, and partners. You need to optimize your collections process for offline and electronic payments

Upgrade to Modern Business

Zuora is the leading Monetization Platform for any company with a customer-centric business model. Expanding beyond the typical Order to Cash Process, our product suite powers the complete Order to Revenue monetization life cycle, from Pricing and Billing, to Payments, Collections, and Revenue Recognition.
Written by:
 Ronak Majmudar – Head of Zuora for Startups

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